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Romance dramas are always the top choice for viewers, especially dramas for male lovers. Starting from BL Thailand, now Korean BL dramas and Japanese BL have also become very popular. This summer of 2023, we were gifted another beautiful Korean BL Drama, “Happy Merry Ending”, which will melt your heart.

This drama is a short series with a total of 8 episodes with a duration of about 20-25 minutes each episode. “Happy Merry Ending” is a beautiful romance story with melodic strings.

This series was originally adapted from a webtoon with the same title, “Happy Merry Ending” by Dorae. Directed by Min Chae Yeon, this drama follows the story of two people who are connected by music and find their way to happy times. On the one hand, we have a wedding singer with melodic vocals and a great part-time pianist

. The two meet by chance while singing at a wedding, and from here, their romance kicks off. This drama is perfect with great tone, vocals, dialogue and romance. If you are a music person and a BL Drama fan, you must give it a try.

BL drama
Happy Merry Ending (Source: GagaOOLala)

We have some amazing and familiar faces in this series which makes it even more special for fans. There are four main cast members, and all of them are familiar faces to everyone, I’m sure. This drama stars Lee Dong Won, member of boy group “KNK”, Byun Seong Tae of “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” (he appeared in the drama but also as a guest), Kim Kyu Jong, former member of boyband SS501 and finally, Shin Myoung. Seong who appeared as one of the main characters in the recently released drama “Duty After School”. The series is packed with an amazing cast, and their acting makes it even more special to watch.

Happy Merry Ending: Plot

Happy Merry Ending is a BL Korean Drama that follows the story of two boys who have the same profession and work together, eventually fall in love and move into their new lives.

Seung Jun is a singer with beautiful vocals. He is a wedding singer, and runs a part-time vocal training institute. Even though Seung Jun has exposure to love and romance in marriage, he still doesn’t believe in love and finds it boring. But her beliefs and thoughts about love change when she meets Jae Hyun one day. Jae Hyun is a part-time pianist and runs a cafe in the heart of the city.

BL drama
Happy Merry Ending (Source: GagaOOLala)

At a friend’s request, she takes over performing as the pianist at a wedding, where she meets Seung Jun. She immediately after meeting Seung Jun accepts an offer to become a pianist at the same wedding company where Seung Jun is a regular customer. singer. The two now work under the same company, one as a singer and another as a pianist, perfect singing duets and becoming a couple too.

As the series progresses, the two characters seem to coincide, working in the same ceremony. It sparked their true feelings for each other. Seung Jun will be singing his romantic melody to the beautiful notes Jae Hyun made on his piano, a perfect musical romantic backdrop. The series will continue with Seung Jun, who hates social gatherings due to past trauma, being healed by the love and comfort of his colleague Jae Hyun and the two eventually falling in love with each other.

BL drama
Happy Merry Ending (Source: GagaOOLala)

Happy Merry Ending Episode 8: Release Date

Happy Merry Ending is a short Korean BL series consisting of a total of 8 episodes. The first episode airs on April 26, 2023, Wednesday and the final episode airs on May 18, 2023, Thursday. The episode aired on Gagaoolala, which is the series’ official streamer. However, release times differ globally due to longitude and latitude. Therefore, international fans can check the timing guide below for release times in their countries.

  • For US viewers: 19:00 [EST] on Thursday, May 18.
  • For Canadian viewers: 19:00 [NT] on Thursday, May 18.
  • For Indian viewers: 16:30 [IST] on Thursday, May 18.
  • For Australian viewers: 22:00 [AEST] on Friday, May 19.
  • For Filipino viewers: 19:00 [PHT] on Thursday, May 18.
  • For Japanese viewers: 08:00 [JST] on Thursday, May 18.
  • For Thai viewers: 06:00 [AEST] on Friday, May 19.

Happy Merry Ending Episode 8: Streaming Guide

Happy Merry Ending is officially available on Gagaoolala with English subtitles. Fans can stream the series on Gagaoolala for a $4.99 subscription. The series is also available on Rakuten Viki with subtitles in other languages ​​English, Greek, German and many more. To stream on Viki, fans must purchase a subscription to stream.

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