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They’re a state fair treat!
Don’t wait for the state fair—you can totally make corn dogs at home! Although bacon-wrapped hot dogs are irresistible, and Ree Drummond’s chipotle chili dogs may be Ladd Drummond’s favorite, these corn dogs are hard to beat! Pair them with these delicious BBQ sides for a guaranteed hit at the cookout!
How do you make corn dogs?
Corn dogs are very easy to make! Simply skewer some hot dogs, whisk up the batter, heat up the oil, dip the dogs, and fry them until golden brown! Here are a few tricks that make them even easier: use a deep cup, such as a pint glass, for battering the hot dogs. It should be deeper than the hot dogs are long so that there’s plenty of room to dip the entire hot dog in batter. Once the hot dog is completely coated, using the stick as a handle, carefully lower the hot dog into the hot oil at a slight angle until it’s beneath the surface of the oil, and twirl it for a few seconds to set the batter before letting go of the stick.
What goes on corn dogs?

A drizzle of ketchup and mustard are the classic condiments for corn dogs, but why stop there? Sriracha chili sauce adds a nice kick. Honey mustard brings a bit of sweetness. They’re also great for dipping! Plunge them into queso dip, burger sauce, ranch dressing—whatever your heart desires!
beef hot dogs
Cornstarch, for dusting hot dogs
yellow cornmeal
all-purpose flour
granulated sugar 
baking powder
ground red pepper 
+ 2 tbsp. whole milk
vegetable oil
large egg
Vegetable oil, for frying
This recipe makes enough batter for four additional corn dogs, but you’ll need to tilt the glass to get the hot dogs completely coated.


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