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With the show already released for fans, everyone is curious about how to watch the Steeltown Murders live and online. This series is based on the theme of factual drama and contains only four parts. The creators also mentioned that this is a miniseries which means the story will end within itself.

Marc Evans has directed the show, while Ed Whitmore has written the same. The plot starts with a group of detectives trying to investigate a murder case. This crime was committed by Joseph Kappen in Port Talbot, which is located in South Wales. The plot is inspired from a true case where the killer is known as the Saturday Night Strangler.

Kappen was a serial killer who sexually assaulted and then killed girls in South Wales. Though, the killer was never caught while he was alive and lived until 1990, when he died of lung cancer. Although, his infamy caught on after he died due to a DNA match.

The Steeltown Murders – Plot Details

The series will highlight a time somewhere after Kappen’s death when the police opened the case file on the Saturday Night Strangler. Given the fact that technology has improved a lot, this 1973 case has become much easier to solve. In the lead up, we’ll take a look at DCI officers Paul Bethell and Phil Rees, who worked on this case to give the victims the justice they deserve.

How To Watch Steeltown Murders Episodes Online And Live?  Streaming Guide
Footage from the Steeltown Murders Episode

Throughout the four parts of this series, we can expect to see the evolution of the police’s work as a leader. At the same time, the stories of the victims and their families are also a highlight of the series, as we see them being careful with their narrative.

Although not a satisfactory ending for the victims whose families were affected during the case, considering the fact that Kappen had been dead during this time, it shows the efficiency of the law enforcement officers who solved the case and brought the case to light. villain face.

Filming for the show started last year in South Wales. During production, it was shown that real detective Paul Bethell was also involved in the case and oversaw the filming process. He also gave his insights to the directors who recorded the events that occurred at that time. Phillip Glenister spoke about how he wanted to make the story as good as possible. It was all he could do for the victims and their families whose lives were affected after this tragic accident.

Steeltown Murders Episode Schedule

  • Release Date Steeltown Murders Episode 1 – 15 May 2023
  • Release Date Steeltown Murders Episode 2 – 22 May 2023
  • Release Date Steeltown Murders Episode 3 – 29 May 2023
  • Release Date Steeltown Murders Episode 4 – 5 June 2023

How To Watch Steeltown Murders Episodes Online And Live? Streaming Guide

The episode of The Steeltown Murders is out on BBC One at 9pm UK Summer Time. New episodes are released every week on Monday, as we have specified in the schedule above. Entries are also available to watch online from BBC iPlayer. All episodes are available on the platform this week and fans can stream all four parts simultaneously.

Each episode runs for about 60 minutes. BBC iPlayer costs around 159 pounds a year or 193.96 US dollars a year. International fans must use a valid VPN connection if they want to use this platform. Here is a list of different time zones you can calculate before watching an episode to stream it as soon as possible.

  • India – 01:30 AM Indian Standard Time (next day)
  • US – 16:00 Eastern Standard Time (same day)
  • Canada – 16:00 Eastern Standard Time (same day)
  • Australia – 07:00 Eastern Australian Summer Time (next day)
  • UK – 21:00 UK Summer Time (same day)

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