Hyun Bin Showing Off His Abs For The Film ‘The Point Men’ Makes A Scene

Hyun Bin Is Very Total In His Role This Time Including Appearing With A Mustache And Beard To Make It Look More Realistic. The Film Is Slated For Release On January 18.

Hyun Bin is currently still in the promotion period for his latest film ” The Point Men “. Approaching the broadcast schedule, the production team presents a short video from the shooting location of the action film. One interesting moment shows Hyun Bin showing off his abs.

The video clip shows Hyun Bin’s character opening the hotel room door. But surprisingly, the actor born in 1982 only wore a towel that was wrapped around his bottom. Automatically the actor’s strong abs are visible.

The moment Hyun Bin showed off his abs for his latest film immediately made Indonesian fans excited. Many are also engrossed in teasing Son Ye Jin , who is indeed Hyun Bin’s legal wife in the real world.

” Ma’am Yejin, you see views like this every day, don’t you keep making mistakes ,” wrote a fan. ” Mbaaa, your husband is the encouragement of my lifeuu *ditakolpakelimitsamambaYe-jin ,” continued another. ” Your bojo is my spirit, Ms. Yeji ,” added other fans.

On the other hand, “The Point Men” will show the story that unfolds during a negotiation operation between a diplomat and a local National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent who heads to Afghanistan to rescue South Koreans who were kidnapped and held hostage by the Taliban.

He left Korea a long time ago and still lives with the trauma he suffered when he was unable to rescue hostages in the past during the situation in Iraq.

Feeling that he is only being used as a tool by his superiors, Park Dae Sik almost quits his job when he learns of a hostage situation involving South Koreans in Afghanistan. Park Dae Sik finally went to Afghanistan to save the hostages.

Meanwhile, Hyun Bin is very total in his role this time including appearing with a mustache and beard to make it look more realistic. The film is slated for release on January 18. Don’t miss watching it.

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