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Want to know if Kelli Giddish is pregnant in real life? Yes, we’re talking Law & Order: the SVU star who recently took the internet by storm with the news she’s expecting a baby. Now, the question is- is it all about the characters or the reality. After serving for more than a decade, last year, Kelli confirmed her exit from the crime drama series. But why? Everything has a reason.

Starting with the basics, Kelli Giddish is a versatile actress, who rose to fame playing Di Henry on All My Children. That soap opera that aired in 2005 on ABC. Hailing from Cumming, Georgia, Kelli has worked wonders in the entertainment industry. Some of his acting credits are- The Substitute, The Good Wife, All My Children, The Chase, Without a Trace, etc. As previously mentioned, her detective role as Amanda Rollins on SVU really stands out.

Speculation about Kelli Giddish’s pregnancy also invites discussion about her personal life. Well, in 2021, he married for the second time, to Beau Richards. Not to forget, Kelli plays the mother of two children- Ludo and Charlie, from a previous relationship. It was with Laurence Faulborn. What’s up? Is she expecting her third baby? If you’re looking to see if Kelli Giddish is pregnant in real life, here’s what we know.

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Kelli Giddish Pregnant In Real Life: How True Is It?

Well, Kelli Giddish’s real-life pregnancy bears a resemblance to Law & Order: SVU. What does that mean? Both times her pregnancy, the show’s writers took that and showcased it in the story. To be more precise, in 2015, Amanda Rollins (her character in Law & Order) became pregnant after a one-night stand with cop, Declan Murphy (Donal Logue). Back then, it was the baby girl on the show. After roughly three years, when Kelli became pregnant for the second time, it was written again for the show. Again, it was her daughter, but she decided not to be with her baby daddy.

Is Kelli Giddish Pregnant In Real Life
Kelli Giddish (CC: CinemaBlend)

Not to forget, Law & Order Season 24 is the last for Kelli Giddish. How did the characters end? Well, Amanda Rollins broke out of the detective role by taking a job as a college professor.

How about now? Does not seem! In other words, Kelli Giddish doesn’t appear to be pregnant in real life, as she was in May 2023. She is seen wearing her character’s costume. baby bump. That fueled rumors of a real-life pregnancy. It’s pretty obvious for his fans to believe he’s expecting by now. But, what is the truth? Kelli hasn’t officially announced anything so far. So, we can consider that she is not expecting a baby with her husband, Beau Richards, at this time. But, seeing her with the baby bump accessory, it seems like the writers of the Law & Order show are planning to show that Amanda and Carisi are start a big family.

Who will stop the speculation? There isn’t any. Going by her previous pregnancies, and how, they were showcased at Law & Order, fans are pretty sure that Kelli is also expecting off-screen. What do you think? Well, the actress may be trying to keep a low profile for now. On the other hand, the opposite is also very possible. We wonder what happened! We can’t be sure, until he does it himself.

In short, until now, due to lack of evidence, we could say that Kelli Giddish is not pregnant in real life. It’s just a trick. Why? Because Kelli doesn’t seem to have a baby bump in sight after wearing the same on set. Differences in the shape and size of the stomach is very prominent.

Best Wishes to Kelli Giddish for the coming days of her life. Make sure you follow Kelli, on her Instagram account for more updates.

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