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The Watcher. Cr. Eric Liebowitz/Netflix © 2022
The name Ryan Murphy has come to mean a lot in the realm of television. Above all, it’s perhaps quality that first comes to mind.
He is known as the creator or producer behind such hit shows as American Horror Story, Nip/Tuck, 9-1-1, Glee, Ratched and more recently the Netflix phenomenon Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.
Deadline reports that Monster has become the platform’s second-biggest series in the English language. Now, audiences have more of Ryan’s work to immerse themselves in courtesy of The Watcher.
Co-created with Ian Brennan, it follows a married couple who move into an idyllic home only to find their lives turned upside down when eerie letters begin to unearth them as a target.
You’re sure to race through it, so is The Watcher season 2 confirmed?
No, The Watcher is billed as a limited series. That means the series was conceived as just one season, so there is no reason to anticipate a second.
It is made up of just seven episodes in total and they all premiered simultaneously on Thursday, October 13th 2022.
Some may not know that the series is actually based on an article for New York Magazine’s The Cut by author Reeves Wiedeman. Deadline reports that the inspiration behind the project is the notorious “Watcher’ house in New Jersey.
A couple purchased the property in 2014 but left after receiving a string of mysterious and unsettling letters detailing that the new owners were being watched.
Episode 7 offers a satisfying conclusion, although Newsweek reports that the real-life Watcher was never caught.
Things you need to know about new series, The Watcher:

✅ It’s (somehow) based on a true story
✅ Naomi Watts, Bobby Cannavale, and Jennifer Coolidge (!!)
✅ There are jump scares, sinister letters and creepy voice-overs aplenty
✅ It’s streaming now!
Naomi Watts (who plays Nora Brannock) recently spoke about the project with Stylist and confirmed that she didn’t exactly need much convincing to come aboard.
“I pretty much said yes, right away, without having read any scripts,” she revealed. “Ryan calling was a big deal… Definitely Ryan being on the end of that call that first time was a good reason to say yes.”
Additionally, the British actress is no stranger to navigating the thriller genre: “I’ve played in this genre at other times in my career, you know? I’m always drawn to mystery and fear and thrills and even horror sometimes, so it felt like a good combination of things.”
The Watcher co-creator has a number of projects that he’s worked on – under some capacity – now streaming on Netflix.
Check out the list below:
The Watcher is streaming exclusively on Netflix.
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