J-Hope in the Box Documentary Releases February 17, Fans can watch more J-Hope BTS content in the near future

Genhype who loves Kpop, there is some interesting news, especially for J-Hope fans. You will be able to get closer and see more of this idol’s actions. The reason is, the member from Bangtan Sonyeondan will soon be launching a documentary titled J-hope In The Box in the near future.

Fans can watch more BTS J-Hope content in the near future. He will appear on the small screen in a documentary film titled j-hope IN THE BOX in February.
“j-hope IN THE BOX will air February 17, 2023,” Disney+ Hotstar’s written statement, Friday (20/1).

j-hope IN THE BOX is a documentary that will present the behind-the-scenes story of the process of making his first solo album, Jack in the Box. This film will be produced by HYBE.

The documentary chronicles every step of the journey the star went through when creating his first solo album, Jack In The Box.

Throughout the documentary, audiences will see exclusive, never-before-seen footage of the challenges faced during the album preparation process.

Compiled from official statements, this documentary video will tell every step of the journey that the star went through when he made his first solo album, Jack In The Box. Previously, the 21st century pop icon from BTS had indeed worked on a special documentary produced by HYBE.

Throughout the documentary, viewers will witness exclusive, never-before-seen footage. Starting from the challenges faced by the star during the album preparation process, moments from J-hope’s appearance at Lollapalooza 2022, to the listening party events from his album.

At the music festival, the Eho singer presented 18 songs. According to a list from setlist.fm, some of the songs sung by J-Hope include songs from his latest solo album, Jack in the Box, such as MORE, Arson, Pandora’s Box and = (Equal Sign). In addition, he also sang the single duet Chicken Noodle Soup with musician Becky G.

In the Jack in The Box album, J-Hope also released two main singles, Arson and More, in a music video format on YouTube. More, which was chosen as the premiere song of his solo project, is an old school rap song that tends to have a boombap subgenre. This song describes passion, desire, burning ambition, to the struggles of life, especially on the entertainment stage.

Meanwhile, Arson is a follow-up song from the story conveyed by J-Hope in number More. At first glance Arson has a similar concept to More which tends to be dark and looks thick with grunge elements. The difference is, this song is louder and full of power with the story of J-Hope who must be in the middle of the world.

J-hope (Jeong, Hoseok) is a South Korean rapper, dancer, songwriter, music producer, and member of the 21st century pop icon, BTS. In the group he is known as the main dancer (lead dancer) of the group, because of his ability and appearance which is almost perfect.

Studying music from dance made him, who is also known as an artist, eventually gain creativity in terms of music. J-hope has previously been involved in the music-making process for WINGS’ “Intro : Boy Meets Evil” and “MAMA”, and solo work.

Through his first mixtape, Hope World (March 2018), he was able to express his personal feelings and narratives, including his vision as an artist. This can be seen from his popular song Chicken Noodle Soup which was released in 2019, which shows his musical personality with his energy and lively performance.

j-hope IN THE BOX will also broadcast J-Hope’s performance at Lollapalooza 2022. The musician whose full name is Jung Ho-seok is the first South Korean musician to become headliners on the main stage of the US music festival.

J-Hope presented 18 songs that night, according to a list from setlist.fm. Some of the songs sung by J-Hope include songs from his latest solo album, Jack in the Box, such as MORE, Arson, Pandora’s Box and = (Equal Sign).

He also performed a number of songs from BTS discography such as BTS Cypher Pt. 1, Dynamite, and Outro: Ego.

In fact, Becky G took to the stage to sing her collaborative song with J-Hope, titled Chicken Noodle Soup. J-Hope’s performance then ended with the song Future, the 9th track from his latest solo album.

This excitement can be witnessed by fans in the documentary.

Not only that, fans will also be able to watch the listening party for his album Jack in the Box which was attended by many famous musicians and artists through j-hope IN THE BOX.

J-Hope is the first BTS member to release a solo album in 2022, after releasing a mixtape titled Hope World in 2018. The album has 10 songs.

The release of the full album debut also marks J-Hope as the first BTS member to release an album as a solo artist since the boy band announced a focus on solo activities over the group recently.

According to an official statement from Big Hit Music, which was launched via NME, Jack in the Box is a way for J-Hope to grow further as an artist.

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