Jaehyun NCT’s Expression Suddenly Bitten By Haechan

The Fans Were Immediately Distracted By Jaehyun’s Moment, Which Haechan Suddenly Bitten While Broadcasting Live With NCT 127 Via Instagram.

Fans are known to be made happy because NCT 127 broadcast live on Instagram to discuss their new repackage album . One of the NCT sub units appeared relaxed without even wearing any makeup at that moment.

Some of the moments that occurred during the live broadcast immediately received the attention of fans. The interaction from Jaehyun and Haechan succeeded in making fans focus wrong.

Jaehyun and Haechan themselves sat next to each other during the live broadcast. The funny thing is, there was a moment when Haechan suddenly bit Jaehyun’s shoulder.

Even so, the handsome idol born in 1997 still didn’t give any response. Jaehyun was still engrossed in responding to the members who were talking.

The fans suddenly became excited, not playing with this interaction from Jaehyun and Haechan. Jaehyun is said to have changed like he became more mature when he was with the idol born in 2000, who is known to be the maknae in NCT 127.

Haechan’s strange behavior also made fans shake their heads. Jaehyun’s indifferent expression also became a topic of discussion.

” And Jaehyun, as usual, is not bothered, ” said one fan on Twitter . ” Jaehyun is really not bothered POLOOOONG, ” another exclaimed. ” Jae really looks so relaxed here goshwhdhwjhs, ” said another. ” Hello Jaehyun, not bothered at all??? ” said another. ” Jaehyun is just like that?? not bothered, ” said another. ” Jaehyun acts like this is a daily occurrence ndkdjdjs, ” another commented.

Meanwhile, NCT 127 will release the repackage album “Ay-Yo” on January 30 next year. This is the repackage of the album “2 Baddies” that fans have been expecting.

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