Jeon So Min And Yang Se Chan Get The Green Light From The Family If They Really Dating

In The Latest Episode Of ‘Running Man’, Jeon So Min And Yang Se Chan Revealed How Their Families Would React If They Were Really Dating. Check Out His Narrative Below.

There are many interesting moments that occurred in the latest episode of ” Running Man ” which aired on Sunday (8/1). One of them was when Jeon So Min and Yang Se Chan revealed how their families reacted to their loveline in this program.

In the episode, the cast performs various household tasks such as building a fire to cooking dinner. While cooking, Yoo Jae Seok noticed that Jeon So Min naturally made Yang Se Chan do his chores.

In Yoo Jae Seok’s eyes, Jeon So Min’s behavior was like that of a wife. That’s why she hilariously commented, “So Min, you didn’t think that you were married to Se Chan, did you?”

Instead of denying it, Jeon So Min instead called Yang Se Chan as “Honey” to make the others laugh out loud. As a result, the members started teasing the two of them.

Ji Suk Jin asked, “If you introduce Se Chan as your boyfriend to your family, will they like him?” Jeon So Min answered without hesitation, “My mom will definitely like it!”

After that, Yoo Jae Seok asked Yang Se Chan. “Didn’t your mother talk about So Min at home? Everyone at So Min’s house gave you the green light?” he asked.

He continued, “All you have to do is decide. If you introduce So Min to your parents, how will they react?”

Like Jeon So Min, Yang Se Chan also gave a positive reaction to this question. He replied, “I think they’ll be surprised. But I think they’ll like it.”

The funny thing is, Jeon So Min suddenly approached Yang Se Chan while showing a flirty expression. This attitude amused Yang Se Chan to the point of commenting, “What’s wrong with your smile?!”

Meanwhile, Jeon So Min and Yang Se Chan’s loveline on “Running Man” always makes viewers excited. However, Jeon So Min had emphasized that their “intimacy” on “Running Man” was only part of a joke.

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