Jin BTS Brings Reassuring News Updates For ARMY About His Condition During Military Service

Jin BTS Shares Relief News That Will Put Fans At Ease. Jin Gave An Update On His Condition During The Military Plus Dashing Photos Of Him Wearing The Uniform.

Jin BTS has just carried out a basic military training completion ceremony at the 5th Infantry Division of the Yeoncheon Army in Gyeonggi Province. Jin once again received praise from AMRY after being judged to emit a different image after undergoing basic training. After the ceremony, Jin, who had been ‘disappeared’ for 5 weeks, gave a reassuring news update for fans.

Through a post on Weverse, Jin revealed his latest news after 5 weeks of basic military training. Not only that, Jin also spoiled ARMY with a number of his latest photos while wearing army uniforms. In that post, Jin also revealed that his condition was good.

” I live well and have fun. I posted these photos after getting permission from the military. ARMY, always be happy and take care ,” wrote Jin on Weverse on Wednesday (18/1).

In that post, Jin shared two close-up selfies and another when he posed in a ready position. In one of the selfie photos, Jin did not forget to pose V, which is the mainstay of a million people.

It is known that Jin has completed 5 weeks of basic military training since December 13, 2022. Jin underwent his basic training at the Bootcamp of Division 5 Yeongcheon, Gyeonggi.

During the training, Jin reportedly went through all the rigorous training, earning the admiration of AMRY amidst cases of cheating in the army by other artists. Including a ritual ceremony, CBR, and a 20 km tactical march despite the winter weather, caught the attention of fans. Jin, who continues to attract attention even during his military service, shows his hard work spirit to carry out his obligations.

During the process of recruiting new soldiers, Jin is known to apply for the selection of assistant training instructor. Jin was reported to have been selected and passed through a ceremonial ceremony, oral adjustment evaluation, and oral interview.

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