Jisoo Trending Birthday, Jennie Writes Congratulation Through Super Cute Portrait

Right On Tuesday (3/1), Jisoo Celebrated His 28th Birthday. Jisoo’s Name Suddenly Became Trending. Apart From Fans, Other BLACKPINK Members Also Celebrated Jisoo’s Birthday, Including Jennie.

Right on Tuesday (3/1), Jisoo celebrated his 28th birthday. On this happy day, Jisoo created his personal YouTube channel . Interestingly, all income from the BLACKPINK member ‘s YouTube channel will be donated.

Suddenly this made fans fall in love with Jisoo even more. He is even considered to have had a perfect life .

It’s no wonder that Jisoo’s figure is so attached to the hearts of fans. Not a few fans from all over the world are also happy with Jisoo’s birthday.

The hashtag ShiningStarJISOODay is even now trending number one on Twitter’s timeline. Various congratulatory messages were addressed to Jisoo.

” HAPPY JISOO DAY ♡ #ShiningStarJISOODay, ” tweeted the account owner @dio***line via Twitter. ” It’s Jisoo’s Day! Thank you for doing your best, I’m really proud of you, can’t wait for your solo this year! 🤍HAPPY BIRTHDAY JISOO #ShiningStarJISOODay, ” added the account @jisoo *** ery .

As if she didn’t want to be left behind, Jennie also celebrated Jisoo’s birthday. Through his Instagram Story account, Jennie uploaded a super cute portrait with Jisoo.

In the first uploaded portrait, Jennie and Jisoo appear to be getting off the plane. Both of them look adorable with the beanie hats they wear. ” @sooyaaa__ Happy birthday chu, ” wrote Jennie.

Meanwhile, in the next upload, Jennie again congratulated her while adding a tart emoji, a trumpet accompanied by funny writing and animation. ” Happy Birthday @sooyaaa__, ” added Jennie again.

Jisoo’s popularity has indeed been obtained since he was still in school. Not only visually, Jisoo’s vocal abilities often anesthetize his listeners. His talent has no doubt made him even more popular.

Before joining YG Entertainment in July 2011, Jisoo had appeared in various commercial advertisements. Occasionally he has also appeared as an MV model.

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