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Early spoilers and raw scans for Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 223 came out this Wednesday as promised, and the spoilers for the chapter depict an unbelievable chapter with the fight between the strongest beginnings as fans have been anticipating. However, even though this is a fight between the strongest, the panels for the chapter narrate that Gojo and the magicians are not diving into this battle blindfolded.

Well, Gojo Satoru won’t be wearing his blindfold now, and we’ll see him emerge from the start of this battle and even seal victory on his side with the help of his partner. Although the battle between the strongest begins in this extraordinary chapter, we will also see some other details that were revealed from the conversation with Gojo and Gakuganji.

Though that doesn’t confirm a lot but it does reveal it and opens up fan theories and lots to talk about. With that said, there’s a lot to tell Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 223, so let’s start with the currently available spoilers for the chapter. Here we bring you the latest update of the amazing Jujutsu Kaisen manga series.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 223 Spoilers And Raw Scans

The title of Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 223 is “Battle of the Villains Hell Part-1,” and this chapter begins with Gojo and the others arriving at the Shibuya location where his curse first appears where the former mentions that he feels like it’s been a while since he came to Shibuya. Ichiji appears behind Gojo in the first page of Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 223, and he asks about his experiences in the prison world.

Gojo replied that it seemed like the days went by as someone very busy with work, and the weeks just flew by, but it felt like an eternity that no one wanted to experience again. Reaching the top of the building, Gojo continues the conversation and asks Ichiji about the people affected by his boundless void. Ichiji replied, saying that everyone recovered, and after reaching the top, Gojo said, “Let’s do this Utahime and Grandpa.”

Before the fight starts, we see the opposite side with Sukuna and Uraume where the latter mentions that even though the fight was supposed to take place today, they don’t know the exact time and aim, but Sukuna needn’t worry because she can. see a strong cursed aura coming from Gojo across the building.

Flashback With Some Details Revealed

Before the fight begins, we see a flashback where Gojo talks to Gakuganji, saying that he knew that the latter killed Yaga and was fine with Gakuganji still being alive as he takes the blame on himself, saying he was sealed and the superiors made Gakuganji do it to him. . Gojo asks Gakaganji about Yaga’s latest work, and the final response with Yaga revealing how to create a cursed corpse while Panda listens in on this conversation.

Gojo mentions that Gakaganji has changed because he didn’t report him to his superiors. The next page of the chapter sees all the higher-ups killed and Gojo mentions that Gakuganji will get better. Before we jump into the fight again, Ichiji asks Gojo why he intends to help Gakaganji of all people, and Gojo responds by saying that he trusts Ichiji the most.

The Battle Begins

Moving forward, the battle begins with Ichiji forming a barrier on a rooftop, standing behind Gojo thinking about him sad about things and saddened and motivated by the fact that the Strongest believed in him. The next page looks at why Utahime is on the roof with Gojo, as his Cursed Technique helps increase the total output of Cursed energy, which is performed from a dance ritual.

In the next page it is shown that Gojo, Ichiji, Utahime, and Gakuganji all perform hand signals to increase their cursed energy output, and the narrator mentions that although sorcerers perform cursed techniques without performing a gesture, they do this in certain scenes.

The next page is a double spread that saw Gojo blast a 200% powered “Hollow Purple” on Sukuna. The ensuing double-deployment sees the latter intimidated by the energy output and tries to stop it. The devastation from a single attack was off scale, and the reason Sukuana was surprised was because Ichiji’s attack formed a barrier, which made Sukuna not notice the attack until the last second.

The final double-deployment of the chapter is seen, Sukuna’s right hand is burned and shattered from stopping the attack. Gojo arrives in front of Sukuna, mentioning that Sukuna is the challenger here, which makes the latter very angry.

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