Kim Eun Sook’s Scriptwriter Pay Is Highlighted By The Popularity Effect Of ‘The Glory’

Before ‘The Glory’, Kim Eun Sook Was Already Famous For Popular Works Such As ‘Secret Garden’, ‘Descendants Of The Sun’, ‘Goblin’, ‘Mr. Sunshine’ To ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’.

” The Glory ” is still gaining great popularity since it was presented at the end of December 2022. Due to the popularity of Song Hye Kyo cs’s drama, the payment of scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook has recently been discussed in online forums.

Before “The Glory”, Kim Eun Sook was already famous for popular works such as ” Lovers in Paris “, ” The City Hall “, ” Secret Garden “, ” Descendants of the Sun “, ” Guardian: The Lonely and Great God ” (” Goblin “), ” Mr. Sunshine ” to ” The King: Eternal Monarch “.

Kim Eun Sook’s payment was revealed in the 2019 “Rumor Has It” program. At that time the reporter said, “Writer Kim entered college 5 years later than her peers because she had to earn tuition.”

“After graduating, he wrote drama scripts in Daehak-ro, but it’s unknown, so he doesn’t have a steady income. It’s said that the first salary a writer Kim received from a drama production company was 700 thousand won.”

After successfully working on “Lovers In Paris”, which earned a rating of 57.6 percent, the scriptwriting fee per episode rose to 30 million won. For “Goblin”, Kim Eun Sook’s scripting fee was 70-80 million won per episode, and now it is over 100 million won.

The discussion about the fee for working on Kim Eun Sook’s script has been busy inviting comments from netizens. “I’m looking forward to ‘The Glory’ part 2”, wrote one netizen. “‘Goblin’ and ‘Mr. Sunshine’ are my favorite dramas,” said another.

On the other hand, “The Glory” tells of a woman whose soul was shattered by the sadistic violence she faced at school. The woman carefully prepared all her life for revenge and those who fell into the vortex.

Meanwhile, “The Glory” has just released part 1 which consists of 8 episodes. Meanwhile, the second part will only be presented around March 2023. For connoisseurs of “The Glory”, stay tuned for the latest information here.

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