Kim Gun Woo’s Character Allegedly Still Alive In ‘The Glory 2’

Kim Gun Woo’s Post Was Suspected Of Being A Leak That Son Myeong Oh’s Character Would Reappear In ‘The Glory 2’. Part 2 Of The Drama Will Air Starting March 10.

One of the unsolved mysteries in ” The Glory ” part 1 is about who killed the character Son Myeong Oh ( Kim Gun Woo ). Some theories suggest that the man was killed by one of the bully gang members and some other unexpected figure.

But recently, new suspicions have emerged that Son Myeong Oh is actually still alive. This suspicion arose because of Kim Gun Woo’s latest post which promoted the premiere date of “The Glory 2”.

Kim Gun Woo posted a photo of him smiling sweetly at the camera and another portrait while doing a mirror selfie. The actor born in 1992 wrote the caption, “Long time no see Son Myung Oh. And March 10 part 2.”

Suddenly, Kim Gun Woo’s post was suspected of being a leak that Son Myeong Oh’s character would reappear in “The Glory 2”. “Son Myung-oh is still alive”, wrote one netizen. “Son Myung Oh is not dead,” concluded the other netizens.

On the other hand, Son Myeong Oh was one of Moon Dong Eun’s ( Song Hye Kyo ) bullies at school. As an adult, the man became an employee working as a driver for Jeon Jae Joon ( Park Sung Hoon ) and was treated worse than a dog.

Son Myeong Oh also earns money as a drug delivery man for Lee Sa Ra ( Kim Hieora ) and investigates the identity of a rich man for Choi Hye Jung ( Cha Joo Young ). In the end the man worked with Moon Dong Eun to threaten Park Yeon Jin ( Lim Ji Yeon ).

Unfortunately, before he managed to get the money from Park Yeon Jin, Son Myeong Oh suddenly disappeared and was shown to have died at a glance. Some say that the man was killed by Park Yeon Jin or Lee Sa Ra, but many also suspect another unexpected figure did it.

Meanwhile, Netflix recently confirmed that “The Glory” will air from March 10, 2023. Scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook divulged, “If you watch part 1, you won’t miss part 2.”

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