Lee Jae Wook Was Terrified After Being Asked About Season 3 ‘Alchemy Of Souls’

During A Recent Interview, Lee Jae Wook Also Shared His Views On Season 3 Of ‘Alchemy Of Souls’. Check Out The Full Statement Below.

Recently Lee Jae Wook underwent an interview to discuss the end of the drama ” Alchemy of Souls “. He talked about many interesting things, including the possibility of season 3 being produced.

Lee Jae Wook said that there were many people who requested that this drama work on season 3. That showed how much interest people had, so he was worried and afraid he wouldn’t be able to meet their expectations.

He said, “The most memorable response I’ve ever seen was, ‘Please produce season 3.’ It’s scary to think about, but I’m also thankful.”

“This is a long drama for a new actor like me, but everyone really enjoyed it,” he said. “I’m happy because I finished a project of this magnitude well. I want to thank all the viewers cheerfully.”

Lee Jae Wook then revealed an unexpected story when he was first cast by the production team. He explained, “Actually, I resisted at first. It was really hard and I didn’t know if I could do this well.”

“But I think I did it with the mind of challenging new things. I don’t know when we will meet again, but it feels very meaningful because we were able to finish this series well,” he added.

Finally, Lee Jae Wook talked about the strong chemistry of the cast. He shared, “We actors are the same age and we depend on each other a lot.”

” Shin Seung Ho , Hwang Minhyun , Go Yoon Jung and Yoo In Soo , I really depend on everyone,” concluded the 1998-born actor.

Meanwhile, the slot for “Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow” will be replaced with ” Crash Course in Romance “. The plan is for the drama starring Jung Kyung Ho to begin airing on January 14.

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