Lia ITZY Crying After Hears The Saying Of A Fortune Teller About Herself

During The Broadcast, Lia Impressed Everyone With Her Appearance As A ‘Donation Angel’. The Singer Made Headlines Last Year When He Donated 30 Million Won.

ITZY appeared on ” Idol League 4 ” which was aired by STATV on January 6 as the first guest star. ITZY also joined in the previous season and set a record as the group with the most appearances in the “Idol League”. In the latest episode, Lia had cried.

During the broadcast, Lia impressed everyone with her appearance as a “donation angel”. The singer made headlines last year when she donated 30 million won for flood damage recovery.

Revealing that donating has been on her wish list since the day of her debut, Lia said, “Every time I receive a salary, I set aside a part of it separately to donate. Finally, I was able to make a meaningful donation last year.”

In response, Super Junior ‘s Shindong commented, “You are so cool.

ITZY’s New Year’s fortunes for 2023 were also revealed.

When talking about Lia, the fortune teller said, “You are very talented, but you seem to have lost your confidence. There is no need to feel pressured.” Hearing that sincere consolation, Lia shed tears as if she had mixed feelings. The youngest member Shin Yuna , who stood to the side watching Lia cry, is also seen on the screen with tears in her eyes.

Prior to this, Lia had experienced difficult times where she was accused of bullying in the past. Even so, the singer of “Sneakers” continued to carry out activities with ITZY amidst slanted gossip about him.

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