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Singapore, 11 October 2022 – Meet the next big thing in food innovation – unMEAT, the plant-based luncheon meat and canned tuna products recently launched in Singapore. unMEAT is unbelievably meat-free yet undeniably tasty as it is made from 100 percent plant-based ingredients, including non-GMO soy, natural oils, and flavours.
unMEAT is a plant-based protein designed to look, cook, feel and taste like meat without the meat. Naturally tasty, juicy and tender to the bite, it is a new and delightful way to eat healthily, made accessible to all wellness aspirers. It is also a step towards a more sustainable future.
Developed and manufactured by Century Pacific Food, Inc. (CNPF), one of the largest food companies in the Philippines, unMEAT looks set to take Singapore’s retail market by storm. unMEAT is now available in NTUC FairPrice’s stores and online platforms, catering to growing consumer demand for a healthier diet following the pandemic
Fans of luncheon meat or canned tuna can try unMEAT in sandwiches, salads, fried rice, noodles, or any of their favourite dishes. unMEAT is high in fibre, a great source of protein and contains no preservatives. It is also trans-fat-free, egg-free and cholesterol-free. So, unMEAT provides you and your family with healthy and convenient options for a quick snack or a hearty meal!
At the recent FHA-Food & Beverage trade show held at Singapore Expo, unMEAT was the number one choice among meat alternative brands on the event’s first day based on popular voting by event participants. FHA is one of Asia’s largest international food and beverage (F&B) trade shows, attracting about 47,000 visitors.[1]
UnMeat also won the 2022 Katha Award for Best Food Innovation at the recent International Food Exhibition (IFEX), Philippines, at the World Trade Center Metro Manila (WTCMM). The Philippines’ Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) gives this award to celebrate ingenuity and innovation.
unMEAT was first launched in 2020 in the Philippines. UnMEAT products are currently sold in the USA, China, Australia and the Middle East. Consumers worldwide cannot seem to get enough of it, and sales in Singapore are expected to be robust in the year ahead.
Gregory Banzon, Chief Operating Officer at CNPF, said, “Thanks to unMEAT, eating healthy has never been this enjoyable. We want our consumers to think of unMEAT as meat without the guilt!”
“The demand for plant-based meat in the Asia Pacific is booming thanks to increasing consumer awareness around its health and environmental benefits. As sustainable foods continue to grow popular, more consumers like ‘flexitarians’ become willing to try and adopt alternative proteins,” he added. Flexitarians are people who eat meat but are flexible in consuming vegetarian food as part of a varied and healthy diet.
Based on a quantitative Central Location Test conducted in the United States of America in Qtr1 2022 versus leading brands in the plant-based shelf-stable food category, 7 out of 10 participants preferred unMEAT compared to other meat alternatives.
“Century Pacific Food Inc. aims to bring authentic-tasting meat and seafood experiences to Singapore consumers. unMEAT unbelievably and undeniably looks, feels, and tastes like the luncheon meat and canned tuna we ate growing up. We are also educating the market by eliminating misconceptions around the taste and texture of modern plant-based meat,” explained Banzon.
According to a PwC, Rabobank, and Temasek study, consumer-driven growth in food spending in Southeast Asia will reach 1.1 trillion USD in 2030, an 83 percent increase compared to 2019. Meanwhile, alternative proteins are expected to account for 12 percent of the world protein market by 2035, up from only 2 percent in 2020.[2]
Demand for plant-based fish and seafood is also robustly growing in the region. According to data from plant-based social platform, the Asia Pacific market for fish-friendly alternatives is expected to reach a market size of US$1.6 billion in the next decade.[3]
Versatility in food manufacturing solutions
“While there are various players in the meat alternatives market, a majority focus mostly on the frozen food segment. CNPF is one of the few food companies in the region with the expertise to produce both quality frozen foods and canned foods – which requires significant capital outlay, tech and manufacturing experience. Canning is important because it preserves food naturally without artificial preservatives and does not require power for refrigeration,” highlighted Banzon on CNPF’s versatile food manufacturing solutions.  
unMEAT plant-based canned luncheon meat and tuna are high in fibre and protein. “Our company aims to democratise eating plant-based food by making tasty, easily available and affordable food for both families and young adults with busy schedules,” added Banzon.
In its efforts to double down on its plant-based meat-alternatives business, Century Pacific has been expanding the ‘unMEAT’ portfolio at full tilt. Besides the newly launched luncheon meat and canned tuna, the unMEAT product range also includes plant-based frozen nuggets, burger patties and minced meat, which are also available in Singapore. To find out more about unMEAT, please visit:  
About unMEAT
unMEAT is the latest innovation of leading food manufacturer Century Pacific Food, Inc (PSE: CNPF). It is CNPF’s pioneering move to provide consumers with accessible, healthier, and better-for-the-planet food choices. The company goes by the philosophy that eating plant-based food should be easy for everyone. Thus, unMeat is designed to taste like meat and is likewise priced like meat.
unMEAT is a range of frozen and canned 100% plant-based food products such as burgers, nuggets, sausages, canned luncheon meat and even canned tuna. The brand has been rolled out in the Philippines and in key export markets, including the USA, Singapore, UAE, Australia and China. The brand has gained the attention of key retailers in the core markets because of its expansive range of both frozen and shelf-stable formats.
unMEAT gives you unBELIEVABLY Meat-free and unDENIABLY Tasty meat alternatives. It is made with 100% plant-based ingredients and naturally sourced protein, including non-GMO soy, natural oils, and flavours. Try and enjoy unMEAT today! To find out more, visit:

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