Mina, Sana, And Momo TWICE Become Vogue Japan Cover, MISAMO Subunit Debut In Front Of Eyes?

The Three Of Them Looked Elegant As They Stood Side By Side In Colorful Silk Dresses. Even If They Were Just Standing, Their Sharp Gazes And Graceful Demeanor Really Stood Out.

TWICE ‘s J-line trio consisting of Mina Myoui , Sana , and Momo graced the cover of the March issue of Vogue Japan. Appearing beautiful and mature on the cover, the three are raising enthusiasm for their debut as a subunit.

On January 25, the fashion and lifestyle magazine revealed photos and videos of the three, along with the message, “TWICE is strengthening its presence in Asia, including Korea, Japan, and other countries around the world, including the US. Now, eight years after their debut, what will the three see and continue?”

In the photos, the three look elegant as they stand side by side in colorful silk dresses. Even if they were just standing, their sharp gazes and graceful demeanor really stood out.

The same day, Mina, Sana, and Momo sat down for an interview with the fashion magazine, where they talked about their career plans and the feeling of working together as J-line, a unit made up of Japanese members of TWICE.

In the short clip that was revealed by Sports Chosun, Mina said, “We’ve been together since we were trainees, and I’m happy to do a new job like that.”

When asked about the worries they encounter whenever the group releases a new album, Sana answered, “At first, we had the heart to do more than our previous work… I have that thought, but whenever we release a new album, I think it’s is the most TWICE-like way to do music that we can do now the way we want to.”

Following Nayeon debuting as a soloist last year, the three were also asked about their thoughts on their future careers as individual artists. Momo replied, “I think we approach each other more deeply in the future by expressing our individuality. As TWICE, I want to share many new aspects to ONCE that I haven’t shown before.”

The March 2023 issue of Vogue Japan, which will include TWICE’s Momo x Sana x Mina cover story, will be released on February 1. After this magazine collaboration with Vogue Japan, K-pop fans are even more convinced that the MiSaMo unit is finally here!

Since 2022, there have been many rumors about the debut of TWICE’s sub-unit this year. This speculation began when ONCE learned that JYP Entertainment applied for the trademark copyright for the term “MISAMO” with classification codes 09 (CD DVD) and 14 through the agency Aju International Law & Patent Group on September 8 last year.

Regarding their possible release schedule, JYP is scheduled to debut the sub-unit in the 2nd quarter of 2023, following the release of TWICE’s 12th mini album in March. Because of this, expectations are rising as to whether it will be the concept of the three famous for their perfect dancing skills.

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