Momo TWICE Admits All This Time Using Fake Names

Momo Apparently Has A Very Specific Reason Why He Doesn’t Want To Give His Real Name When Ordering Food Online. Finally, The Singer Also Uses Another Name.

Talking about names, Momo TWICE ‘s real name , Hirai Momo, has also been her stage name since her debut in 2015. But you know, the 1996-born singer has apparently also used a fake name besides her real name.

Momo talked about her fake name in a previous guest appearance on TheKstarNextDoor with host Jonathan. In the episode, she confessed that she went by the name Lee Na Young because of her uncanny resemblance to the actress.

However, it turns out that Momo has a very specific reason why she doesn’t want to give her real name when ordering food online. Finally, the singer of “MOONLIGHT SUNRISE” also uses the name Lee Na Young.

“Oh, you ordered something under another name?” asked Jonathan and the Japanese idol answered, “Yes.”

A few days ago, Momo returned to discussing it in an interview with COSMOPOLITAN Korea. The topic was brought up when he mentioned buying a coffee maker to brew his own coffee at home. He realized how expensive it was to order a daily cup of coffee from an app.

I bought a coffee maker to make coffee every day. It’s too expensive to order a cup of coffee every day on the app. I can’t make a latte yet, but it’s easy to make an americano,” said Momo. .

When asked if he still uses the pseudonym Lee Na Young to order goods, he confirmed it. He explained that the store delivered his order directly to his house, so he had to give them the address and name. For reasons of privacy and security, he chose not to write Hirai Momo.

“Yes, I still use that name. The store will send it to my house, so I have to write down my address and name. I wrote, ‘Lee Na Young’,” said TWICE’s main dancer.

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