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After watching Prime’s new horror movie My Best Friend’s Exorcism, fans can check out the other projects that the actors have starred in.
The new Prime horror movie My Best Friend's Exorcism premiered at Beyond Fest 2022, according to Deadline, along with other anticipated films: Halloween Ends, Smile, and Weird: The Al Yankovic Story. Horror fans can stream the film on September 30, 2022 and see what happens when Abby Rivers's best friend Gretchen Lang is possessed by a demon.
My Best Friend's Exorcism is set in 1988 and has all the fun, nostalgic fashion and hair that fans would expect. After watching the film, fans can check out some other TV shows and movies that the cast has been in, from the adaptation of a popular action movie to a beloved coming-of-age tale.
Amiah Miller plays one of the lead characters, Gretchen Lang, in My Best Friend's Exorcism. Gretchen has a terrifying experience when she is taken over by a demon and her closest pal has to figure out how to help.
Miller also starred in the 2017 horror film House by the Lake. While there are amazing horror movies with no monsters, this film shows the power that these creatures can have over the main characters. When Emma and her parents spend time at a lake house, Emma notices something strange, becoming more and more compelled to spend time with a creepy monster. There are many movies with a similar premise, but since Emma is so young, the story feels scarier as she is easily influenced.
Elise Fisher is most well-known for playing the main character Kayla Day in Eighth Grade, and she plays Gretchen's best friend Abby Rivers in My Best Friend's Exorcism. Bo Burham directed and also wrote the script for Eighth Grade, which is considered one of the most emotional, moving and realistic coming-of-age stories from the past few years.
Kayla struggles with feeling like she doesn't fit in and tries her best to be popular, which involves creating awkward vlogs and ignoring her dad, who is trying to connect with her and help her through this tough time. Fisher's performance has been praised as it feels so genuine.
Cynthia Evans plays Gretchen's mom Grace Lang in the Prime horror movie and also took on the role of Denise Zarick in Stargirl, the DC series that aired from 2020 to 2021. The series focuses on Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl, who is in charge of the Justice Society of America while also being a teenager.
Denise is Zoey Zarcik's mom and her relationship with her son and husband, William, is a heartwarming part of the show. Evans has several other credits, including Erin in the emotional 2019 movie Five Feet Apart and Rachel Turner in the 2021 film The Ravine.
Christopher Lowell plays Christian Lemon in My Best Friend's Exorcism and is one of the most recognizable actors from the new film. Lowell most recently took on the part of Jesse in How I Met Your Father and will also look familiar to fans of Veronica Mars as he played Veronica's friend and love interest Piz.
Jesse is one of the most likable How I Met Your Father characters as he's sweet, caring, and there for the friend group. It's moving watching Jesse and Sophie connect as they're both artists who aren't interested in following a typical career trajectory.
Cathy Ang is another recognizable star as she played Lily Goldenblatt in the Sex and the City revival And Just Like That… Ang portrays Glee Tanaka in My Best Friend's Exorcism.
Lily is Charlotte York and Harry Goldenblatt's daughter and it's sweet seeing how happy the pair is to have a family after struggling for a long time and going through the regular ups and downs of couples on TV dramas. Since she's very young in SATC, it's emotional to see Lily much older in the HBO Max revival. Lily is an incredible musician and loves playing the piano.
While My Best Friend's Exorcism is all about the relationship between the two main characters Gretchen and Abby, there are several other characters rounding out the scary film's cast. Michael Wayne Foster also plays a role in the Prime film, portraying Michael Lemon.
Foster has several acting credits on his IMDb page, including Wade Dykstra in the season 3 episode "Coyote Ugly" of the TV adaptation of Lethal Weapon. Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford played the main characters Roger Murtaugh and Martin Riggs, detectives who are different from each other. The actor also appeared as Captain Rolf Werner in the 2022 film Wolf Hound, Richie Simmonsma in the 2020 movie Embattled, and Casper in the TV series Brews Brother which is available for streaming on Netflix.
There are many great made-for-TV-movies and sometimes an entertaining story is just what is in order. Rachel Ogechi Kanu, who plays the character Margaret Chisolm in My Best Friend's Exorcism, also appeared as Robyn in the 2021 TV movie Cheer For Your Life.
When a high schooler wants to join the cheerleading team and has a tough time during Cheerleader Initiation Week, a cheerleader dies, which creates fear, chaos and confusion. On Rachel Ogechi Kanu's Instagram account, she shares that she has a Web series called Out Of Luck that will be out soon from her production company.
While My Best Friend's Exorcism may be about two teenage girls who are best friends and do everything together, even try to stop a demon from forever possessing one of them, there are parents and teachers who are part of the cast of characters as well. Rachel Leah Cohen is also in the movie as Mrs. Rivers.
The actor will be familiar to fans of the sitcom Workaholics as she played Marlene in the season 3 episode "Good Mourning." It's a sadder episode than most as the main characters Anders Holmvik, Adam DeMap and Blake Henderson are coping with a co-worker who has passed away.
Clayton Royal Johnson plays Wallace Stoney in the Prime horror movie and is most recognizable for playing Andy in Stranger Things. There are many great Stranger Things season 4 characters but Andy is a mean person who makes life difficult for many of his peers at Hawkins High School.
Andy is friends with Jason, Chrissy Cunningham's boyfriend, and has no problem teasing people or making light of the fact that teenagers are dying in his town and something scary is actually going on. Andy is memorable since the other younger characters are so compassionate and kind toward each other and he's definitely a bully.
Nathan Anderson is another My Best Friend's Exorcism cast member, playing the role of Pony Lang. Anderson has a few credits that TV and movie fans will be familiar with, including Mr. Mason in the reboot of The Wonder Years.
Ander also played Ronnie Gittridge in the season 1 episode of Mad Men called "Shoot," which is a significant one since Betty Cooper is given the opportunity to model for an advertising campaign for Coca-Cola. Ronnie is the brother-in-law of Jim Hobart, who art directs the campaign.
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