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Nelly Korda is one of the brightest stars in the world of professional golf. She is the younger sister of fellow golf pro Jessica Korda. And recently, Nelly has caught the attention of the sports press after several issues regarding her health problems. Something that has caused concern among her fans and those who follow women’s professional golf. The issue, which occurred last year when Korda was apparently diagnosed with a blood clotting problem, managed to garner attention and people wondering about her health.

24-year-old Korda was once number one, is currently in the top five on the LPGA and is currently number one in the Rolex Women’s World Golf Rankings. So we know he’s good. But in March 2022, Korda was diagnosed with a blood clotting disorder that manifested in his right upper limb, causing many golf fans to worry about his health. As well as her health status, Nelly was also thrust into the spotlight last year at the Solheim Cup, when a controversial streak led to discussions between her team, the judges and fellow golfer Madelene Sagstrom’s opinion of the points awarded. So, let’s explore what happened to Nelly and try to make sense of it all.

The Nelly Korda Controversy
Nelly Korda at the 2023 HSBC Women’s Championship (Source: NBC)

What Happened to Nelly Korda?

As previously stated, in March 2022, pro golfer Nelly Korda went public that she had been diagnosed with a blood clot in her right arm which caused her coach and team to force her to withdraw from the LPGA Cambia Portland Classic. The 23-year-old golfer shared the news on his social media accounts, stating that he had experienced swelling and pain in his arm after playing in a major tournament earlier that month. But all was well for Korda afterward, who came away with winning her LPGA premiere this season, and staying as number one, but felt bad for the people currently bringing back clotting problems.

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Solheim Cup controversy

During last year’s Solheim Cup team competition, controversy arose between Team USA with Nelly Korda and Madelene Sagström after the latter picked up the ball too soon after Korda hit him and officials awarded Korda and his team the winning point, leaving Catriona Matthew—Captain of Team Europe—very upset. After Korda made a putt at the 13th, the ball stopped right at the edge of the hole, and Madelene Sagstrom, wanting to speed things up, grabbed the ball and threw it to Korda.

After careful review, the judge applies Rule 13.3b, penalizing Sagstrom for taking the ball before the waiting time has expired. Korda and his teammates were satisfied with the verdict. But Sagstrom et al. did little, voicing their disquiet and discomfort at the decision. It’s safe to say, though, that Korda didn’t say anything as Madelene Sagstrom took the ball. And while Korda later commented that it was an odd way to win, it did open golf circles to debate the game, and comment on the controversy, because it’s a rule that doesn’t get mentioned very often.

The Nelly Korda Controversy
Nelly Korda speaking after the Solheim Cup (Source: NBC)

Korda Defends the Rules

Korda’s play during the Solheim Cup was tops. He scored a 20-foot eagle on the thirteenth hole at the par five. The shot, which ended in a controversial putt that put the ball on the rim of the hole, had to wait ten seconds as a rule for it to move. And Sagstrom’s actions to speed up the game cost his team. When golf umpire Missy Jones walked out after Sagstrom picked up the ball, she allowed the member of the European team who shot it to count as a successful shot. That’s a golfer’s falcon. Korda and his team went on to win the game against Team Europe, but in the end, Team Europe lifted the trophy after they beat the Americans 15 to 13, sparking a debate over the rules.

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