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This weekend, Netflix will add a true crime documentary, season 2 of the Winx Saga, a black comedy movie, and a comedy-drama movie.
This weekend, Netflix is adding a documentary, a black comedy movie, the second season of a fantasy TV series, and a comedy-drama movie. As theaters around the world continue to work as normal amidst the pandemic, streaming services haven’t lost any force, and they continue to be a main source of entertainment for many. In Netflix’s case, it continues to keep its doors open for those movies that choose to skip a theatrical release and those that reduce the window between theatrical and streaming release – and, of course, it continues to add new licensed and original content every week, for all ages and tastes.
Last weekend, Netflix welcomed season 11 of Call the Midwife, the teen comedy Vampire Academy, the Chinese fantasy series Love Between Fairy and Devil, the Spanish-language thriller Plaza Cathedral, and the South African movie Sun Cry Moon, along with the sci-fi mystery TV series The Imperfects, season 5 of Cobra Kai, and the thriller movie End of the Road. This weekend, Netflix will add the biographical drama Colette, season 4 of In The Dark and Roswell, New Mexico, season 21 of Intervention, the black comedy Bad Words, and the comedy This Is The End.
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As for original content, the streaming giant will bring a true crime documentary, a black comedy movie starring Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke, season 2 of a fantasy TV series, and a comedy-drama movie. Here are the best movies and TV shows coming to Netflix this weekend – September 16.
The latest addition to Netflix’s catalogue of documentaries is Sins of Our Mother. Lori Vallow was known to friends and family as a devoted mother of three, a loving wife, and a woman of God, but things took a turn over the past three years. Now Lori is in jail, waiting to stand trial for conspiracy to commit murder and first-degree murder in connection with the deaths of her fourth husband, her fifth husband’s wife, and her two youngest children. For the first time, Lori’s surviving son steps forward to provide exclusive insight into his family’s backstory as well as their present-tense narrative as Lori faces justice.
Do Revenge is a black comedy movie directed by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson. Drea (Camila Mendes) is at the peak of her life as the Alpha it-girl on campus when her entire life goes up in flames after her sex tape gets leaked to the whole school, seemingly by her boyfriend and king of the school, Max (Austin Abrams). Meanwhile, Eleanor (Maya Hawke), an awkward new transfer student, is angered to find out that she now has to go to school with her old bully, Carissa (Ava Capri), who started a nasty rumor about her in summer camp when they were 13. After a clandestine run-in at tennis camp, Drea and Eleanor form an unlikely and secret friendship to get revenge on each other’s bullies.
Season 2 of Fate: The Winx Saga is now available to stream on Netflix. This season, school’s back in session under the militant authority of Alfea’s former Headmistress, Rosalind, and with the Burned Ones gone, Dowling “disappeared”, and Silva imprisoned for treason, the Alfea of last year has grown up with new magic and new faces – but when fairies start to go missing in the night, Bloom and her Suitemates discover a dangerous threat lurking in the shadows, and they’ll have to stop it before it wreaks havoc on the entire Otherworld.
I Used To Be Famous is a comedy drama movie directed by Eddie Sternberg. It’s the story of Vince (Ed Skrein), former member of the most popular boy band around who is now struggling to move on. Alone and desperate, Vince dreams of making a comeback and starts performing in the streets in hopes that someone will listen to his music. One day, an impromptu jam with Stevie (Leo Long), an autistic young drummer with an unbelievable gift for rhythm, sparks an unexpected friendship between them, and together form a unique bond through the power of music.
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