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Dahmer — Monster is a monster hit
Niecy Nash, Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story
Yesterday Netflix announced its weekly Global Top 10 rankings for the previous week, which confirmed what felt anecdotally true: Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is a huge hit. Netflix subscribers watched Ryan Murphy’s controversial true crime limited series for just short of 300 million cumulative hours last week. The only show that’s put up better numbers on Netflix this year is Stranger Things. Dahmer — Monster has already entered the all-time top 10 list after just two weeks. By the end of its first four weeks on Netflix, it may very well unseat Bridgerton as the second-most-watched English-language show. No amount of bad press will get people to stop watching. It’s once again the No. 1 show on Wednesday, Oct. 5.
But popular doesn’t necessarily mean good. Below, we list the top 10 movies and shows on Netflix and give our quick take on whether they’re actually worth watching or not. We’ve also added what’s new on Netflix today so you can find out what will be on the Top 10 list tomorrow.
Abigail Cowen, Fate: The Winx Saga
For fans of: The Ryan Murphy effect, true crime
Is it good?: It’s engaging, but like most Ryan Murphy shows, has serious flaws
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 1

For fans of: The Crown, Victoria, Bridgerton
Is it good?: Yes, it’s a well made period drama that’ll reel you in
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 2

For fans of: Messy rich families
Is it good?: It’s a soapy CW drama, so it’s pretty much exactly what you expect
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 3

For fans of: Music, true stories, Jaime Camil
Is it good?: It’s a fun, easy watch
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 4

For fans of: True crime, clowns
Is it good?: It’s great if you like learning about serial killers
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 6

For fans of: The Karate Kid, the ’80s, the Valley
Is it good?: Five seasons in, it’s still really great
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 5

For fans of: Drunk protagonists, amateur detectives
Is it good?: It’s a little silly, but mostly in a fun way
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 7

For fans of: Westerns, telenovelas, folk heroes
Is it good?: It’s an entertaining, International Emmy-nominated saga of a Mexican Robin Hood figure
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 8

For fans of: Wearing diapers, nap time, early developmental brain stimulation
Is it good?: It’s a YouTube video for babies, basically, so it is literal Hell
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 10

For fans of: Supernatural teens, fairies, TV-MA adaptations of children’s shows
Is it good?: It’s not even good for a Netflix supernatural teen drama
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 9

More on Netflix:
Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan, Rush Hour
For fans of: Gerard Butler thrillers
Is it good?: When you see those "Vertical Entertainment/Voltage Pictures" title cards, you know you’re in for a bad movie
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 1

For fans of: Powerful families with very dark secrets
Is it good?: It is not!
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 2

For fans of: Movie star charisma, behind-the-scenes drama
Is it good?: This action comedy isn’t as good as it could be, which is why we’re excited for Donald Glover’s TV version
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 4

For fans of: Jackie Chan, buddy cop action comedies
Is it good?: It’s the best of this type of movie besides Lethal Weapon
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 3

For fans of: Gladiator, dark and gritty retellings
Is it good?: Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott can’t recapture the magic of their previous historical action collab
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 6

For fans of: Will Ferrell, T-Rexes
Is it good?: Nope, the Sleestaks deserve better
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 9

For fans of: Marilyn Monroe, Ana de Armas
Is it good?: It’s disappointingly bad and generally disrespectful to Monroe
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 5

For fans of: Typical sequels of deteriorating quality
Is it good?: It’s Rush Hour but in Hong Kong, and not as good
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 8

For fans of: Women on the run
Is it good?: This Allison Janney-Jurnee Smollett action thriller should’ve been more thrilling
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 7

For fans of: Da Rock, 2x4s
Is it good?: Critics will say no, but critics are dumb
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 10

Based on Netflix’s Top 10 TV Shows and Movies lists and new releases for Wednesday, Oct. 5
Netflix Top 10 TV Shows and Movies for Tuesday, Oct. 4
Julia Garner, Ozark


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