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Going to try a new daily column for a while where I look at what’s moving up and down the Netflix top 10 list in terms of its new TV offerings, and also try to let you know what may actually be worth your time, because you know the Netflix recommendation engine isn’t doing you any favors most of the time.
This week, it’s pretty clear what number one is, but the rest of this may need a bit more explanation. Here’s the top 10 list for July 3, 2022, along with how they’re scoring:
1. Stranger Things Season 4 (89% critic score, 89% audience score) – It’s no shock that the last two episodes of season 4 have put the show back on top, and I would expect it to stay here for a good long while.
2. The Umbrella Academy Season 3 (90% critic score, 60% audience score) – The Umbrella Academy has performed well after its return, as it’s low key one of Netflix’s biggest sleeper hits. No season 4 renewal has happened yet, but if it does, that’s supposedly going to be the last one, according to the creator.
3. The UnXplained Season 1 (no scores) – William Shatner talks you through spooky mysteries in a show that seems like it’s from something on A&E in 2005.
4. The Upshaws Season 2 (no scores) – The comedy returns for another season, and it’s placed extremely well on the charts here despite a relative lack of buzz.
5. Pirate Gold of Adak Island (no scores) – Perhaps the strangest show on the list, this has real-life treasure hunters trying to find some lost pirate gold. I mean, I’d watch that.
Snowflake Mountain
6. Snowflake Mountain Season 1 (0% critic score, 64% audience score) – The latest terrible Netflix reality show is not about romance for once, but making Gen Z kids give up their phones and live in the wilderness because…reasons?
7. Legacies Season 4 (no critic score, 83% audience score) – One of two big CW hits that lands on the Netflix charts whenever new seasons go up on the service.
8. All American Season 4 (no critic score, 77% audience score) – The other CW hit, and probably the overall best performer with this Netflix deal, which may sunset soon, given the fate of the CW in general.
9. Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 (no critic score, 44% audience score) – Someday Hulu may grab Grey’s Anatomy seasons away from Netflix, but today is not that day.
10. The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1 (79% critic score, 80% audience score) – Honestly pretty shocked with the staying power that The Lincoln Lawyer has had after all this time. No wonder Netflix renewed it for season 2.
That’s today’s list, check back in tomorrow.
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