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Stranger Things and Bridgerton are among the most popular Netflix series, but what others are the most-watched?
As one of the first and most prominent online entertainment streaming services, Netflix has proven its worth with widespread, popular TV series. During Netflix Geeked Week, they announced many promising shows and movies coming soon. With the recent release of Stranger Things 4, the platform has managed to amass an ever-growing viewership.
Some Netflix shows range from action to suspense and romance to horror, and some captivate a larger audience more than others. A diverse collection of shows like Bridgerton, Stranger Thingsand Squid Gameare among Netflix’s most-viewed English and non-English series, racking up billions of hours watched in their first 28 days on the platform (per Netflix).
On the heels of a riveting third season, Ozark returned and did not disappoint. The fourth and final season wrapped up many loose ends, and many fans were satisfied with the closure it brought. Perhaps in the shadow of other spectacular shows, Ozark managed to avoid the fade-out that many TV shows fall prey to.
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The final season had ups, downs, and emotional moments that kept viewers engaged, even though it was broken up into two parts across four months. Its continuity from start to finish made the final season a must-watch for millions.
In 2017, a new book-t0-TV series started trending, gaining unexpected traction, especially for its first season. When the series made its massive return, it managed to hit record numbers for Netflix. With an edge for mystery and drama, 13 Reasons Why had people renewing their Netflix subscriptions, anxiously awaiting the series’ second season.
Perhaps due to the show’s ability to capture the teen experience, its second season only expanded its audience and proved promising in the future. Though it may have fallen off – and ultimately got canceled – at four seasons, the show had a massive run at the right time.
A new series to break out for Netflix is based on a true story. Inventing Anna follows Vivian Kent, a journalist investigating the story of the so-called German heiress Anna Delvey. With only one season under its belt, Inventing Anna proves that the drama-mystery genre of television is alive and well and as gripping as ever.
With more than half a million hours watched, Inventing Anna has much potential in capturing the dramatic story on TV. Listed as a limited series, however, it is uncertain if the show will be extended to any degree. Nonetheless, the 9-episode series is worth watching.
One of the best fantasy TV shows to date might be The Witcherstarring Henry Cavill as the titular character. Though the series doesn’t follow the exact path of the video game series it’s based on, it still has action and violence reminiscent of the games.
The first season did so well that its still on an upward trajectory. Before the arrival of season 2 in early 2022, it was already renewed for a third season. It has proven to be one of the best TV shows to binge-watch due to its engaging plot, exciting action, and stellar acting perfomances.
One of the few non-English TV series to reach such sought-after numbers is All of Us Are Dead. The show is set in a South Korean high school, where a zombie apocalypse ensues. The show is dramatic, tense, and often heroic.
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All of Us Are Dead is a phenomenal addition to the half-million club when it comes to viewership. Entertainment Weekly reports that during Netflix Geeked Week, the cast announced that it has been renewed for season 2. The new season will likely gain more traction as it builds its own reputation and follows great young characters as they navigate a high school experience more dangerous than most.
One show that has managed to continually remain popular is LuciferMany shows see a decline in quality the longer they go on which can lead to viewers losing interest, but Lucifer actually garnered its most views with its fifth out of six seasons, clocking 569 million hours watched.
As if setting records for Netflix’s numbers wasn’t enough, it even beat out Squid Game in 2021 as the most-watched show of the year. It may not be as fresh as Netflix break-outs, but it has proven it’s here to stay.
One of the defining Netflix original series is Stranger Things, which has made its return for its fourth out of five seasons. But, in 2019, Stranger Things 3 captured the Hawkins kids and the Upside Down in the summer of the ’80s.
The third season added even more confusion, and Stranger Things 4 has answered many burning questions since then. The appeal of Stranger Things remains, and the show has the potential to out-perform every Netflix top 10 in its first 28 days.
In March 2022, the long-awaited second season of Bridgerton finally arrived. One of the only Netflix shows to receive a viewership of more than 600 million hours came thanks to its twists and turns. The British regal drama continued its survey of high society and sibling rivalry with a flair that caught the attention of millions.
It did so well that it was renewed for a third and fourth season, as reported by Deadline, which could very well break its own viewership records in the future.
An intriguing and enthralling non-English TV series that has only seemed to get better with time is Money Heist. The show’s fifth installment arrived in late 2021 and obliterated records for Netflix’s viewership, amassing close to 800 million hours watched in its first month.
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The show’s dramatization of the Spanish economy and its fresh take on the typical “heist” trope provides a phenomenal series worth watching more than once.
In an unexpected turn of events, Squid Game became the most interesting spectacle of 2021. The Saw meets Hunger Games-style drama amassed over one billion hours watched. Avoiding the show was as difficult as carving a shape into a yellow wafer with a needle.
Many most-watch shows are separated by a few million views, but Squid Game made it a point to absolutely destroy the competition – and become Netflix’s most-streamed show of all time. Not only is the show thoroughly gripping and enjoyable, its creation and achievement is an encouraging underdog story a long time in the making.
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