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Roast potatoes are a Sunday dinner staple, but they can take a while to make, and use a lot of energy as they are traditionally cooked in the oven. For those looking for a quick and easy – and cheaper – way to make roast potatoes, consider buying the tinned potatoes and use an air fryer
Tinned potatoes can be purchased for less than 50p a tin, and they are essentially small peeled potatoes in water. 
It is the latest air fryer food hack and @demihammillx tried them out in her machine nad 1.1 million people have watched out they turned out. 
“I’m going to try the new roast potaoto hack with tinned potatoes,” she said in her video. 
To begin with, she pre-heated her air fryer. 
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Next she “drained the water” from the tin and tipped them [the potatoes] into a bowl”. 
TikTok followers then saw @demihammillx add a sprinkle of rosemary and a squirt of garlic puree into the bowl. 
One ingredient she “always puts on any of [her] roast potatoes” is flour to “crispy them up”. 
Next, she gave the potatoes a “good mix” in the bowl to make sure all the seasonsings covered the potatoes. 
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Moving over to the air fryer, the potatoes were then placed into the basket, and shaken slightly to ensure they lay flat, instead of on top of one another. 
Using the roast setting, @demihammillx set the timer for 20 minutes.
Once the timer beeped she revealed golden, crispy potatoes and told fans she was “never going back” to make roast potatoes the traditional way. 
The video was popular with hundreds and they left their suggestions to improve the recipe in the comment sections. 
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Chef Graham suggested: “Instead of using flour use semolina they get very crispy
And another agreed: “Try coating potatoes in semolina rather than flour. #crispy
Darron Fowler doesn’t use flower or semolina: “Try using cornmeal instead of flour… Also plenty of salt and pepper or try aromat seasoning.” 
Others suggested “increasing the seasonsing” by adding salt and pepper. 
As for what else you can cook in the air fryer, the kitchen appliance is relly versatile. 
It’s great for making bacon – and there’s much less clean up! 
Chips are also the perfect food to make in the air fryer, they end up crispy and golden with less fat. 
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