NewJeans’ Popularity Is Doubtful, Streaming Numbers And ‘Music Bank’ Score Trigger Questions

NewJeans’ Current High Digital Results Are Allegedly Thanks To CEO Min Hee Jin, The ‘Mother’ Of The Group. Min Hee Jin Was Accused Of Spending Money On NewJeans Songs To Add To Spotify’s Massive Playlist.

As one of the most popular 4th generation girl groups today, 5 months after their debut, NewJeans has recorded countless impressive achievements, especially on digital charts. However, recently on Korean online communities, netizens are doubting the authenticity of NewJeans’ achievements and whether they really have a big fandom or not.

In particular, netizens are speculating that NewJeans’ current high digital results are all thanks to CEO Min Hee Jin, the “mother” of the group. Min Hee Jin was accused of spending money on NewJeans songs to add to Spotify’s massive playlist. Accordingly, NewJeans’ songs appeared in over 500 playlists, bringing the group’s total stream count to a huge number.

Min Hee Jin bought all of these playlists so the group has over 500 playlists and reached 76 million streams in just 15 days for a song that isn’t viral anywhere.”

For example: An artist is added to 10 playlists and each playlist has 100,000 followers, the total playlist reach is 1 million.”

In addition, NewJeans’ ” Music Bank ” score recently had fewer votes than ASTRO ‘s Moonbin and Sanha , which was confusing when their album pre-orders surpassed 700k, which is more than 6 times higher than Moonbin and Sanha’s. Even though they still won 1st place on “Music Bank”, this inconsistency made netizens skeptical of NewJeans’ popularity.

This skeptical attitude angered the NewJeans fan community and sparked controversy. According to many netizens, NewJeans is a rookie group and they don’t have a big fandom but the group definitely has high recognition. The group’s songs have all become very viral hits on SNS, especially TikTok. However, a rookie group as quickly becoming successful as NewJeans somehow always gets caught up in controversy. Previously, IVE and “After LIKE” had similar problems.

“It is undeniable that NewJeans is the people’s choice,” commented netizens. “Sure, it’s weird. Album sales are good but digital rankings are weird… And this group doesn’t even have international fans,” said another.

“When ‘After LIKE’ IVE was successful, the group was criticized… This time it’s NewJeans’ turn. All successful groups will be accused of cheating,” netizens said. “To be honest, the achievements of NewJeans are thanks to Min Heejin. All this team has is a marketing concept. Looking at the skills of each individual, they are like idols of small and medium companies,” added another.

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