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MANILA, Philippines – All rise for unli rice and chicken oil, because the Visayan favorite inasal na manok has been named the 5th Best Chicken Dish in the World, according to international food database TasteAtlas.
TasteAtlas released its annual 50 Best Chicken Dishes in the World rankings on Friday, October 14. The dishes in the list were ranked based on audience ratings following a 5-star system. Bacolod’s famous inasal na manok or chicken inasal – earned a stellar 4.6 out of 5 star rating, sharing ratings with chicken dish giants such as India’s butter chicken and edging out the Japanese skewered classic, yakitori, by 0.1 points. 
In first to fourth places were Peru’s pollo a la brasa, India’s butter chicken & tikka, and Iran’s jujeh kabab respectively. Chicken inasal’s high ranking beats other well-known global chicken dishes, like India’s tandoori chicken, China’s kung pao chicken and orange chicken, USA’s buffalo wings, Japan’s tori katsu, and Korea’s dak galbi.
Chicken inasal is described by TasteAtlas as “a unique Filipino grilled chicken dish” and “the signature dish of the entire Visayas region.” The grilled chicken (either dark or white meat) is usually brushed with annatto-infused oil, and marinated in a savory-tangy mix of calamansi, black pepper, and vinegar. The moist and juicy chicken is known for its savory-citrusy flavors, golden-brown color, and smoky, chargrilled taste and texture. The Bacolod specialty on a stick is commonly enjoyed with rice, toyo, and calamansi; sometimes, with a side of chicken oil on the rice or with spiced vinegar.
TasteAtlas credits Aida’s Manokan in Bacolod as having the best inasal na manok in the world, with high praises from 14 food critics. With what seems to be a common sentiment, one critic claims that the restaurant’s inasal is “one of a kind, and the juiciest ever.” Other top restos included were Nena’s Beth at Manokan, Island Chicken Inasal, Balay Dako, Barrio Inasal, and Ka Joels Inato.
In September, another Pinoy favorite lumpiang shanghai ranked second in the list for the Best Street Food in the World, losing only to Malaysian roti canai. In August, named kare-kare was named one of the Top 100 Best Stews in the World. In July, bibingka was recognized as the 13th Best Cake in the World.
TasteAtlas is an online gastronomic database that promotes the local culinary culture of countries all over the world. The website contains over 10,000 specialty dishes, drinks, recommended restaurants, and local ingredients for anyone to check out before an international trip. – Rappler.com
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