‘OMG’ NewJeans Failed To Top The Melon Chart Because It Was Blocked By One Song

NewJeans Not Only Received Widespread Attention On Social Media But Their Songs Were Also Widely Listened To. Evidenced By ‘OMG’ Which Managed To Rise To The 2nd Position On The Melon Music Chart.

On December 2, NewJeans released their first single album along with the music video for the title track entitled “OMG”. The girl group took 2nd place on the Melon chart due to being hindered by one song.

NewJeans not only received widespread attention on social media but their songs were also widely listened to. Evidenced by “OMG” which managed to rise to 2nd place. However, this song failed to top another NewJeans song, “Ditto”.

A post on Theqoo’s online community highlights how “Ditto”, the pre-release song, managed to outperform “OMG”, which is the title track. The song has also surpassed 540,000 listeners. Netizens also voiced their opinion about these two songs.

“I prefer ‘Ditto’. I like the music video. I wonder why it’s not the title track,” commented netizens. “I like ‘Ditto’. This is perfect for a winter atmosphere,” said another netizen. “‘OMG’ is the best,” said another.

“‘Ditto’ is better to hear, ‘OMG’ seems to be for performance,” commented another. “‘Ditto’ is my favorite song out of all the songs I’ve been listening to lately ㅠㅠㅠ,” added another.

Meanwhile, “OMG” contains a message about the “relationship” that NewJeans feels against an unfamiliar background. “We spoke of the strange distance, caution, and ignorance that coexisted with a desire to be close to one another. We focused on the narrative of the relationship this time, following our previous work,” said New Jeans agency, ADOR.

“OMG” sold 480,000 copies on its first day alone, immediately topping the daily Hanteo Chart on its release date. The music video for “OMG” recorded 5.87 million views in about 16 hours after its release.

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