Once starring in the drama ‘VINCENZO’ to ‘HOSPITAL PLAYLIST 2’, actor Na Chul died at the age of 36

The South Korean entertainment industry again received sad news. Right on Saturday (21/1/2023) South Korean actor Na Chul passed away.

This sad news of course shocked the public, his name in the Korean entertainment industry is already familiar. He starred in many Korean dramas and even played with great South Korean actors.

Na Chul Passed Away The news of Na Chul Passed Away broke on the internet today and many of his fans are really worried about his death. If you are unaware of Who Is Na Chul and What Happened To Na Chul, you can read this article in full and get to know everything about him. We have updated the latest information about the news Na Chul Passed Away and we have also added the information What Was Na Chul Cause Of Death. So, read the article completely to know everything about Na Chul’s death.

Na Chul Passed Away

Na Chul, a 36-year-old actor from South Korea, passed away on Saturday, January 21.

Na Chul passed away as a result of “exacerbated health issues,” according to a report by the entertainment website allkpop.com.

Another site reported that Na Chul was admitted to the hospital just before he passed away because of a sudden decline in his health. However, the cause of that health issue was not mentioned.

Actress Kim posted pictures of Na Chul with the caption “The best actor ever” on Instagram to share the sad news of his loss. Kim had canceled her participation in a fashion show that was set to take place on Sunday in the light of her friend’s tragic loss.

Who Is NaChul?

Na Chul is well-known for performing supporting roles in numerous K-dramas and films. He made his acting debut in 2010.

Vincenzo, Touch Your Heart, Happiness, Through The Darkness, and Weak Hero Class 1 are just a few of the TV series he has featured in.

He played the lawyer to Kim Go-character eun’s in Little Women in 2021.

What Happened To Na Chul?

Na Chul passed away today, January 21, 2023. He was most recognized for his work in the Korean drama series “Happiness,” “Weak Hero Class 1,” and “Vincenzo.” He was 36 at the time of his death.

A source from the entertainment industry confirmed the Korean actor’s passing to the media outlet Star News Korea today. According to reports, he passed away this morning “while receiving treatment for his deteriorating health.”

According to allkpop.com, Na Chul’s funeral will take place on Monday at 8.30am local time.

1. Because of Health

Na Chul died at the age of 36, this was due to health problems, in South Korea he died at that age, he was still young. Family, friends, and fans certainly feel the loss of this talented South Korean actor.

Na Chul reportedly died this morning while undergoing treatment due to his deteriorating health condition. The funeral for the handsome actor will be held on Monday, January 23, 2023.

2. Success in Starring Many Drakors

Actor Na Chul has successfully starred in many Korean dramas, from LITTLE WOMEN, JIRISAN, HAPPINESS, to HOSPITAL PLAYLIST 2. He has also acted together with Song Joongki in the drama VINCENZO.

Kim Go Eun, who had played together in the drama LITTLE WOMEN, also expressed her condolences for her work partner. He said that Na Chul is the best actor to a great friend.

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