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A big update for Overcooked! All You Can Eat has dropped, the World Food Festival Update coming with 10 new levels, new chefs, new recipes and more… for free!

The 10 new levels are spread across three new biomes – The Metro Mash, Baked Bazaar, and Pepper Plaza – and there’s a pair of new recipes to rustle up in the form of the chicken bobotie and paneer curry.
Two new chefs will be stepping into the kitchen with the heavily requested fox chef and a fish chef skin for the globe chef. They’re getting on trend with modern restaurants by having an app-based food delivery service clogging up your kitchen as you have to scramble to fulfil take-away orders and send them on their way.
There’s also an extended range of accessibility options, including level skipping, turning off fires, reducing camera shake and flashing, and more.
Here’s the full Overcooked! AYCE World Food Festival Update patch notes:
Patch Notes
New 10 level DLC campaign and Chefs.
Source: Team17
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