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Paramount Plus’s Peak Screaming 2022 lineup has plenty in store for every member of the family.
No season is without its peaks and valleys, but with Paramount Plus, viewers can be sure that every day of October offers peak screams. With the advent of October, Paramount announced its expanded Peak Screaming 2022 catalog specially curated with every viewer in mind. Paramount+ is not messing around. According to Collider, the streamer has been beefing up its horror content over the last year, and it shows.
So armed with a mountain of material, Paramount positions itself as a one-stop destination for everything horror. With Paramount, there are no gimmicks involved. The streamer’s vast and impressive catalog is more than a boast; it’s a reality surpassing the limits of expectancy. There is some new blood to reinvigorate prolapsed veins and some archived treasures that, once resurfaced, will reignite old flames. In addition, the platform has thrown in a few blockbusters to stake its claim. And still, there is a lot more to entertain, including an offering of slashers, thrashers, and heart snatchers.
Halloween is often the season to revisit old stomping grounds while sharing some pumpkin pie and a side of nostalgia with old friends. It’s the one time of year that folks don’t mind the chill or find the onset of heart palpitations a big deal. It’s all part and parcel of larger expectations, the ability to experience fear without the concern of profound implications. And nothing sparks a chill or arouses fear like revisiting old haunts from the comfort of home, however, preferably by the crackling lights of a dying fire.
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Paramount+ has the perfect selection of relics for a most unforgettable experience. Paramount’s vaults are plentiful, with choices both grim and ghastly. Fans will find treasures such as The Ring, The Descent, World War Z, Scream; I Know What You Did Last Summer, Candyman, The Babysitter, The Grudge, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and Night of The Living Dead, the 1968 classic from the imaginings of the late great George Romero.
However tempting as it may be, given this time of the year, not everyone likes to dig up old bones. And so, for those with a penchant for new nastiness, one can also find a few fresh scares on the streaming giant. October 6th will mark the premiere of Monster High: The Movie, a highly anticipated offering starring Cici Balago (Dear Evan Hansen), Steve Valentine (Teen Beach Movie), and Marci T. House (Lou).
And on Friday, October 7th Paramount will premiere a new original, Significant Other, starring Maika Moore of It Follows, Jake Lacey (Rampage), and Teal Sherer. While the woods never seem to be a safe place, Significant Other explores just how nightmarish it can be when as the synopsis for Significant Other reads,
“A remote backpacking trip through the Pacific Northwest turns into something much more sinister than anticipated for a young couple."
Halloween is one of the biggest seasons of celebrations for the kiddies. With candy and costumes, why wouldn’t it be? And even children like to be entertained., so what is a collection without something for the littles? Paramount+ doesn’t drop the ball, ensuring that even the youngest viewers will not toon out. For this select audience, the streamer will offer Halloween episodes of kids’ favorites SpongeBob Square Pants, Blues’ Clues, Paw Patrol, and Big Nate.
Old movies are one thing, but something is comforting about one’s favorite tv series. So, for those who prefer settling in with slices of horror from their favorite drama, Paramount+ is situated for such situations. On the platform, fans can find their favorite dramatic goodies Evil, Twilight Zone (the reboot), The Stand, Criminal Minds, Ghosts, PAROT, all episodes of fan-favorite Teen Wolf starring Tyler Posey, and more.
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What is Halloween season without terrifying horror hits and must-see content? Paramount understands this well. So as part of the seasonal offering, viewers will be able to revisit some of horror’s finest from the comfort of their homes. Orphan, A Quiet Place, Paranormal Activity, 10 Cloverfield Lane, and Halloween H20: 20 Years Later, still considered the best reboot in the franchise, are merely a few of the films to enjoy with popcorn balls, caramel candy apples, and warm cocoa.
And finally, for those who like to turn up with family downtime, Paramount+ has on reserve the content that a fun frightful night deserves. The cooky and the spooky Addams Family, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, and the spooktacular series Are You Afraid of the Dark are on tap.
Halloween season is just warming up, and with a lot more of the month left, there is so much to enjoy. And thankfully, with Paramount Peak Screaming, no one will be left out in the cold. So please tune in to Paramount + with scary fixes to meet one’s Halloween wishes.


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