Park Bo Gum Reportedly Will Join YG Because Of Insiders, Immediately Denied

Rumors Emerged That Park Bo Gum Would Join YG Entertainment Due To Insider Influence. However, YG Entertainment Immediately Gave A Rebuttal.

Park Bo Gum , who is now a free agency actor, is unexpectedly reported to be joining YG Entertainment due to the influence of people within the agency. But then YG immediately gave a clarification response to the news. So, how did this news emerge and who is the insider in question?

Initially on Tuesday (17/1), industry insiders hinted to media outlet Star News that Park Bo Gum would join YG after deciding not to renew his contract with his former agency, Blossom Entertainment. This was called because of the influence of Sean who is an artist from YG.

It is assumed that Park Bo Gum’s decision to join YG was due to his good relationship with Sean. After being discharged from the military, Park Bo Gum showed off his friendship with Sean through volunteer activities such as running, donating briquettes, and building houses for people in need.

In addition, Park Bo Gum reportedly recently moved to the church that Sean attended. Thus, people believed that Park Bo Gum would choose YG Entertainment after being influenced by Sean.

However, shortly after the news appeared, YG Entertainment immediately opened their voices. They denied reports that Park Bo Gum signed a contract or joined YG Entertainment.

“It’s true that Sean and Park Bo Gum worked together as volunteers, but the story that they signed an exclusive contract is not true,” concluded the YG official carefully on the same day, Tuesday (17/1).

Meanwhile, it was previously known that Park Bo Gum left Blossom Entertainment in December 2022. After the news was announced, the future of Park Bo Gum and the agency that will be chosen as the next home has become a hot topic .

As the company’s status changed just by recruiting Park Bo Gum, it is expected that the recruitment competition for the actor will become more intense. Even so, the possibility of Park Bo Gum establishing an independent company and building an independent line cannot be ruled out either.

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