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By Erin Moore — Written on Oct 18, 2022
People often ask me about the healthy foods and drinks that are part of my daily and weekly life. It’s an important question, especially for empaths and highly sensitive people (HSPs). 
Food is body love. Nourish yourself well. I’m a big proponent of simplicity, so no pressure for anything elaborate. 
Here are a few of my favorite superfoods for empaths. They are potent nutritionally and also delicious, and protective and energizing for empaths and HSPs. 
But truly, everyone will benefit from these super healthy foods and drinks. I will add that these superfoods for empaths are also great for athletes and for boosting gut health.
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I swear, as I drink green tea, I can feel this magical elixir healing my body from the inside out. (I also love black tea.)
Now used in everything from face washes to muffins, green tea is ubiquitous, and for good reason. The active ingredient, EGCG, boosts metabolism, and it also reduces inflammation, and contains tons of antioxidants.
Go for organic, loose-leaf tea when possible. 
Green tea acts as a protective element to your aura. It fortifies your energy field so that it’s less vulnerable to infiltration and projections from other people. 
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Believe me, I was scared of kale for a long time, even as I read about its powerhouse nutritional value over and over. But, it’s actually easy!
You can saute it up in 10 minutes; bake pieces for kale chips, a yummy alternative to the saturated fat-laden potato kind; or incorporate it into egg, tofu, and bean dishes. It’s on almost every superfood list you can find due to high levels of vitamins C, A, K, folate, fiber, and more.
Adding a vitamin C-rich food (like lemon) boosts nutrient absorption.
Kale strengthens your boundaries, mostly from a physical standpoint. It helps you say no when needed. It grounds you into the now moment and helps you stand firm in your truth.
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Acidic outside of the body and alkaline inside the body (more alkalinity is thought to fight disease), lemons make everything better. In the morning, try a squirt of lemon in a glass of warm water to kick-start your day with a gentle detox.
Add it to tea, salads, fish and chicken dishes, and get a nice burst of vitamin C and refreshment. 
Lemon cleanses your chakra system by helping move energy through. It unclogs stagnant chakras, leading to freer flow and thus expression, health, and balance.
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Nuts are a great source of fiber, protein, and minerals, and they keep you full. They are so easy and portable for those peckish afternoons.
Their fat is the good, heart-healthy kind. Just make sure in general not to eat more than a few handfuls at once. 
Nuts ground you into the earth, your body, and thus, your power.
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Crunchy and peculiar, this gem from Asia boasts a ton of iodine, one of the nutrients in which Americans are often deficient. Iodine is essential for thyroid health, often an issue for women as they get older, and it’s also important for fertility.
Annie Chun has a great line of natural foods that includes small packs of seaweed with flavors like sesame and wasabi. Or better yet, get some all-natural seaweed pieces from the grocery store and add them to soups or rice. 
Seaweed contributes to a more-flexible mind, allowing for a loosening of rigidity and new perspectives to come in. 
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Smelly yet medicinal, garlic has both antiviral and antibacterial qualities. I sometimes gobble a clove as I feel a cold coming on.
It adds a huge (fat-free) flavor burst to practically anything. Just don’t forget to brush your teeth or grab a piece of mint gum afterward in case of close quarters or a business meeting. 
Garlic wards off and transmutes negative energies. Its pungency protects your well-being in more ways than one.
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A member of the cruciferous veggie group (which includes cauliflower and cabbage), broccoli has a slew of phytonutrients that are thought to kill wayward cells before they become a problem. Research even suggests that cruciferous veggies can help treat existing cancer.
I know not everyone likes good ol’ broc, but it’s worth a shot later in life even if you detested it as a kid. And you can doctor it up in a number of ways. 
Broccoli helps you take deeper breaths, which in turn boosts relaxation and feelings of calm, especially if you’re feeling anxious or off balance. 
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You may have heard of the “bulletproof” coffee craze in recent years. I make my own version and it’s a healthy indulgence. I make hot organic coffee in a Chemex, then add it to my Vitamix. I add a tablespoon or two each of organic coconut oil and organic ghee.
Sometimes if I’m in the mood, I also add a bit of raw honey, cinnamon, or almond milk. Then blend away!
The result is a rich, frothy delight. Fats make coffee easier to digest, especially if you have a sensitive stomach or are an empath.
The fats ground the coffee and I find my body assimilates it much more happily than plain coffee, which can cause jitters. It adds a boost of energy and brain power as well.
Stick to no more than one (possibly 2) cups of coffee per day as a sensitive soul.
This drink brings a sense of optimism and cheerfulness to your energy field. It shakes away lower vibrations of depression and heaviness.
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Erin Moore is a health coach and intuitive healer and the author of a forthcoming book on food and spirituality. More info about holistic healing is available on her website, Centered One.
This article was originally published at Centered One. Reprinted with permission from the author.
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