Pictures Of The Luxury Resort Where Lee Jong Suk And IU Stayed In Japan Revealed

According To Dispatch, Lee Jong Suk And IU Stayed At A Luxury Resort Called Amanemu While On Vacation In Japan. So, What Is The Interior And Exterior Design Of The Resort Like?

Lee Jong Suk and IU became a topic of conversation after deciding to go public on December 31. According to Dispatch , the two have been dating for four months.

Dispatch also reported that IU enjoyed a Christmas vacation together in Japan. There, they stayed at a luxury resort called Amanemu for 3 days and 2 nights. IU’s sister is said to have accompanied her brother on their trip.

Along with this, there are many people who are curious about IU and Lee Jong Suk’s accommodation while on vacation together. Especially since Amanemu is known as a luxury resort that offers various comforts.

Amanemu is known as a private hotel which takes just over two hours from Nagoya Station. That’s why the hotel also provides car pick-up service.

When viewed from the exterior design, this resort has a traditional Japanese feel. They also provide a private hot spring bath and a large swimming pool, so visitors can really relax.

The lowest rental fee is 2.5 million won (around Rp. 30.5 million) per night. Because they stayed for 3 days and 2 nights, IU and Lee Jong Suk must have spent a lot of money for the accommodation. In addition, it is possible for them to rent a room that is more expensive to maintain privacy and get the best service.

The revelation of IU and Lee Jong Suk’s vacation location immediately became a hot topic of conversation among fans. One fan said, “If it’s really 2 million won per day, I want to go there too.” Another added, “The night view and hot springs are so pretty!”

Meanwhile, IU and Lee Jong Suk’s relationship developed from best friends to lovers. According to the agency, the two are currently in a serious relationship.

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