Putting On An Angelic Smile, Lim Ji Yeon Convinced The Writer Of ‘The Glory’ Can Play A Villain Well

Lim Ji Yeon Successfully Played His First Evil Character Through The Drama ‘The Glory’ Impressively. It Was Revealed That Lim Ji Yeon Convinced The Writer Of ‘The Glory’ Himself For The Role.

Lim Ji Yeon gained popularity and floods of praise for the role of the villain or antagonist character in ” The Glory “. In fact, this is the first time Lim Ji Yeon has gotten a bad role. It was also revealed that Lim Ji Yeon had expressed her confidence to play the first evil character to the writer of “The Glory”.

Lim Ji Yeon is said to have spoken directly to the writer of “The Glory”, Kim Eun Sook, that he will play the evil character (Park Yeon Jin) very well. In fact, Lim Ji Yeon is said to have conveyed this while putting on an angelic smile.

This was revealed directly by Kim Eun Sook as the screenwriter of “The Glory”. Kim Eun Sook met Lim Ji Yeon in person who had been cast in the role of Park Yeon Jin for “The Glory”. Kim Eun Sook assessed that Lim Ji Yeon matched the criteria for the character Park Yeon Jin had in mind.

“Because he had never played a villain before. I suggested appearing because I thought I had to be the first to mess it up. And the face of an angel and the heart of a devil, there are expressions like this, Lim Ji Yeon suits both of them,” said Kim Eun Sook in the press conference of “The Glory”.

Kim Eun Sook also shared about his meeting with Lim Ji Yeon which left a strong impression. At that time, Lim Ji Yeon, while showing her angelic smile, confidently stated that she would play the evil character in “The Glory” very well.

“So I met him in person, and he smiled like an angel and said, ‘I can play a villain very well. I will do my best’. So we shook hands and drank together,” concluded Kim Eun Sook who made Lim Ji Yeon smiled shyly.

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