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This is a preview of the food that will be available when Sacred Grounds Cafe launches its School Nights program on Oct. 25. Twice a week, the program will offer family-style carryout meals designed to feed four to six people.
Sacred Grounds Café in Edwardsville is doing its part to help families eat healthier without the hassle of preparing a weeknight meal.
The restaurant, located at 233 N. Main St., is launching its School Nights program, which will offer family-style meals on Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting on Oct. 25 and 27.
Over the last two decades, studies have shown that simply by taking a few minutes each day to turn off screens and genuinely connect with each other over food can improve the physical and mental health of all family members involved.
“The main focus of this is an answer to rising food costs and the problems associated with getting together as a big family to eat dinner,” said Kate Baumgartner, owner of Sacred Grounds. “You’re getting off work, going to the store, preparing the food and sitting down and eating, all for maybe 15 minutes of family time, but those 15 minutes are so important.
“For what we are doing, people will be able to pre-order their meals, by Sunday night for Tuesday dinners and Tuesday night for Thursday dinners. We will offer carryout family-style meals. We’re going to start with one offering and see how it goes. We’ll have an additional program for single people, with the same amount of food but packaged for four to six individual servings.”
Meal selections are geared toward healthful eating and cost effectiveness. Additionally, Sacred Grounds has conducted market research to price these meals accordingly, so the meals roughly mirror the cost of a grocery bill for a weeknight meal.
Baumgartner, who noted that the average American spends $12.50 on a fast-food meal, envisions the School Nights program as a healthier alternative.
“That price is a huge increase over what it used to be a few years ago – it’s not healthy and it’s not thoughtful,” Baumgartner said. “I’m single and I was in college, so I know that running over to Taco Bell and spending $15 isn’t something you want to do every day.
“My main goal is to keep things local and thoughtful. We’re making sure that these are square meals, so there is a protein, a carb and a vegetable, and that people are eating quality food.”
Baumgartner is emphasizing comfort food for the first offering of the School Nights program.
“We’ll probably have roasted chicken with roasted brussels sprouts or peas and carrots and mashed potatoes,” Baumgartner said. “Depending on the response, we’ll add some options as we go along.”
For Baumgartner, the School Nights program is the latest example of Sacred Grounds’ commitment to community involvement, which includes displaying the work of local artists on the restaurant’s walls.
“Something like this is all about supporting our local farms and local butchers and offering another service to local families,” Baumgartner said. “People can pre-pay for their meals and for the first time, we’ll offer a finite number of meals, probably 10 to 12, because I don’t want to waste food and pre-ordering eliminates waste.”
The School Nights meals will be available for pickup from 4-6 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays in 15-minute increments.
“That will enable us to keep the meals as hot and as fresh as possible,” Baumgartner said.
To place an order and pre-pay, call 618-692-4150. For a menu, visit
The deadlines to place an order for the first week of meals are Sunday night (Oct. 23) and Tuesday night (Oct. 25).
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