Sakura Miyawaki LE SSERAFIM’s Muscular Arms Make Salfok, Here Are 8 Body Goals Portraits

Sakura Miyawaki LE SSERAFIM Succeeded In Making The Public Fail To Focus Because She Showed Off Her Muscular Arms. On The Other Hand, The Body Goals Of The Japanese Idol Also Drew Attention.

Miyawaki Sakura LE SSERAFIM is back in the public spotlight. The reason is, this idol born in 1998 managed to surprise fans after accidentally showing off his quite striking physical changes.

In a vlog, Sakura is eating something with chopsticks. When feeding food into her mouth, Sakura’s arms were getting more muscular and successful in making fans fail to focus and were surprised at the same time. Even so, fans who saw Sakura’s physical changes then showed a positive reaction. They called Sakura’s change in accordance with the meaning of LE SSERAFIM’s latest song, “Antifragile” which has a strong meaning.

Apart from that, Sakura is also known as one of the fourth generation K-Pop idols who has an ideal body. He is known to only have an average height, but his proportions are said to be right, so he is often called an idoldream. Take a peek at the portrait below!

1. The Waist Ant
This 24-year-old idol is known to have a height of around 163 cm and a body weight of 42 kg. Even so, the public was amazed by Sakura’s slim waist so that her body formed a beautiful S line. He is also often nicknamed the ” ant waist “.

2. Protest When Asked Diet
As an eonnie at LE SSERAFIM, Sakura had shown a form of protest when the agency staff asked her group members to go on a diet. He even cried because dieting was again something the members had to pay attention to. Sakura feels diet tends to be a waste of time .

3. Complete Beauty
This Japanese idol is indeed known as a charming visual celebrity. Sakura was even accused of having plastic surgery because her face looked different when she attended an event. Investigate a calibaration, Sakura’s face looks different because of the shooting angle .

4. The Most Loved Gen 4 Idol
The singer of the song “Fearless” is the fourth generation’s most beloved K-Pop idol . This is because Sakura has a straightforward personality. Moreover, Sakura had expressed her views on gender equality.

5. Always Bring Snacks
The star of the series ” Cabasuka Gakuen ” seems to have a unique habit. Sakura used to bring snacks in the form of potato chips from Japan. That’s because Sakura believes that these snacks can be her savior when she’s hungry.

6. Has Debuted 3 Times
Sakura is one of the celebrities who has debuted in three groups even though she is only in her 20s. She was originally known as a member of HKT48 and AKB48 , then re-debuted in IZ*ONE . In 2022, Sakura officially became a member of LE SSERAFIM. It’s not surprising that Sakura was able to act professional when she experienced a wardrobe malfunction at MAMA 2022.

7. Photogenic
The “Blue Flame” singer is also known to be good at posing in front of the camera. It’s not too surprising that the photogenic Sakura was chosen to be a model for a well-known brand , namely Louis Vuitton.

8. Diligent Sports
Sakura’s ideal body is not obtained without effort. It turns out that he is diligent in exercising by regularly doing workouts such as planks for 3 minutes, burpees up to 100 times. no doubt if Sakura’s waist is very slim.

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