SBS Gayo Daejun 2022: NewJeans And NMIXX Less Total Cover, IVE And LE SSERAFIM Earn Praise

The Incredible 4th Generation Line-Up Delivers An Exciting Show With Beautiful Stage Set-Ups And Covers Of Past Hits. However, Not All Of Them Received A Positive Response.

On December 24th, the 2022 SBS Gayo Daejun was held, welcoming a star-studded lineup. While most of the 3rd generation artists didn’t appear at the event, the 4th generation’s excellent line-up put on a great show with beautiful stage set-ups and covers of past hits. However, not all of them received a positive response.

At the 2022 SBS Gayo Daejun, NewJeans opted to perform the Wonder Girls ‘ megahit “Tell Me” , embracing the Y2K spirit they hoped would suit them. Unfortunately, NewJeans’ remixes were slower, causing their performance to have poor buildup and repetitive choreography.

Despite this, the girl group continues to receive praise for their outstanding style, which perfectly blends retro and modern with miniskirts, crop tops, leg warmers, and iconic hairstyles. Haerin , wearing a cat hair band that matches her “cat-like” visual, immediately became a hot topic. The stage performances of the other NewJeans members were also praised.

Instead of returning to the 2nd generation, JYP girl group NMIXX chose “How You Like That” , an iconic song by 3rd generation artist BLACKPINK . Here, Jennie and Rose ‘s formidable vocal parts are well covered, while NMIXX is generally very good at singing live. However, because “How You Like That” includes many iconic rap passages, NMIXX was unable to fully channel the energy of the original song through this passage.

In particular, Lisa ‘s rap on the song once went viral worldwide, and was considered the “deadly part” of “How You Like That”. Since NMIXX were rookies, it was difficult for them to exude the same presence, even if their other covers were deemed worthy.

Despite choosing “The Boys” , Girls’ Generation ‘s song which is very difficult to cover, LE SSERAFIM did an excellent job, from singing, to dancing, to styling. The girl group is currently being hailed as the “top performers” of the 4th generation girl group for their outstanding stage presence and dancing ability.

With KARA ‘s performance of “Pretty Girl” , IVE perfectly embraced the feminine, sweet, refreshing, and cute spirit of the song. Dressed in light pink outfits that make the members look like princesses, IVE can touch the strongest hearts.

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