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WRITE ON STUFF: Since the begining of time, people having been throwing around the phrase, "I could make this better at home."
But is this actually the case, or should we leave the creation of our favourite food items to the professionals?
Conceding defeat and paying for store-bought items is not an option for many at the moment. Inflation is rising, and the cost of food items we love is skyrocketing
Data from Stats NZ shows grocery food prices were 7.6% higher in June, compared to June last year. Milk, potato chips, and yoghurt have increased the most.
Readers reckon you can make ‘mayonnaise’ out of condensed milk and vinegar, so I tried it
Why I’d never heard of the ‘oh so Kiwi’ condensed milk mayo
‘Even mayonnaise isn’t immune’: Popular Best Foods mayo gets a price hike
Dinner sorted: Five delicious meals that bring the wow factor

Stuff’s food editor Emily Brookes tested readers’ theory that you can make homemade mayonnaise out of condensed milk and vinegar in response to Best Foods mayonnaise rising by over 20% at the shops.
Brookes wasn’t sold on her version of homemade mayo, but it turned out she made it wrong
Meanwhile, Waltraud Hoffmann is part of a SuperGrans programme helping families deal with rising living costs. She teaches things like how to use herbs and vegetables to make teas, how to cook nutritious meals, and how to make food last longer.
Have you got a recipie for homemade delights that you think are better than the ones available in stores? Share the recipe with NZ on Stuff. 
We’re looking for submissions of between 400 and 800 words to be published in Stuff Nation. To share your recipes, and photos of the finished results, hit the contribute button. App users email: [email protected] 
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