Siwon Super Junior Triggers Debate On Making Coffee Using Coconut Milk

Siwon Super Junior Has Succeeded In Stealing Attention And Being Discussed Due To His Recent Actions. Siwon Unexpectedly Combines Coffee With Instant Coconut Milk.

Choi Siwon Super Junior is known to be an ambassador for a number of Indonesian brands. Ranging from instant noodles to spices, including coconut milk. Most recently, Choi Siwon made various videos when he made coffee mixed with coconut milk from the brand that made him the ambassador. The video also succeeded in stealing attention and sparking debate among Indonesian netizens.

Initially, Siwon shared the video through one of the latest posts on TikTok. Now the video is also busy being discussed on social media Twitter.

” Idol GOD SIWON, WHOSE IDEA IS COFFEE GIVES SANTAN ,” wrote @starxxxx while posting a screenshot of Siwon’s video on TikTok while pouring coconut milk in his coffee.

The post immediately reaped various comments from netizens. Not a few were surprised by Siwon’s action of mixing coffee with coconut milk. However, there are also many netizens who think that the combination of coffee and coconut milk is reasonable.

” Never thought of it, but it seems reasonable because Caffino is looking for a coconut latte. I’ll try it sometime, thanks for the idea Mr. Lik Siwon ,” commented @hellxxxx . ” Papi please it’s not milk ,” continued @leexxxx . ” I just found out there was something like that ,” said @redxxxx . ” This isn’t Siwon Suju, but Siwon The Kid. He likes to create his own sect ,” continued @hrnxxx .

” Coffee coconut milk really exists and it’s delicious, you know, it’s savory, not just sweet ,” said @maxxxx . ” But coconut milk is indeed an alternative to cow ‘s milk ,” continued @kimxxxx . ” Coffee with coconut milk is really available ,” concluded @vanxxxx .

Previously, Siwon was known to have tried drinking coffee with an unusual mixture. At that time, Siwon consumed Bulletproof Coffe for the first time , coffee mixed with butter.

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