SMA 2023: Contradictory Ways Haechan And Mark Highlight NCT Dream Wins Daesang

Haechan And Mark Sent Messages Via DearU. Bubble To Highlight NCT Dream’s Victory In Winning A Daesang At The 2023 Seoul Music Awards.

NCT Dream won their first daesang in 2023 through the 32nd Seoul Music Awards which was held on Thursday (19/1). Unfortunately, NCT Dream could not win their award with the full line-up because Mark Lee was currently on the NCT 127 concert tour “NEO CITY – THE LINK” and Haechan is currently on hiatus due to heart palpitations.

Even so, Renjun , Jeno , Jaemin , Chenle , and Jisung did not forget to mention the names of Mark Lee and Haechan in their victory speeches. NCT Dream revealed that it would be great if Mark Lee and Haechan joined them for their first daesang in 2023.

“And I thought how much fun it would be if Mark and Haechan were also here with us. However, we made sure to share this joy with them,” Jeno explained.

Mark and Haechan themselves expressed their happiness for NCT Dream’s victory through DearU. Bubbles. The two of them showed opposite ways for this victory.

Haechan succeeded in making fans moved by revealing his promise after winning at SMA 2023. The handsome idol born in 2000 also made sure that he would return soon in good health.

” Thank you so much for daesang!!!!! Last year, you did a lot of things, so thank you for letting us receive this great award…!!! ” said the idol whose real name is Lee Donghyeok.

” Thank you for letting us receive this big award this year, so I can come back with gratitude and energy!! I will be back soon and healthier too!!! ” Haechan promised.

Mark Lee sent at midnight and succeeded in making fans excited. The idol born in 1999 thanked the fans for their support.

” What do you mean by 2 awards. What do you mean by daesang. Czennie (NCT fans) welcome this year with a daesang… thank you very much, ” said the leader of NCT Dream.

I might be on the other side of the world kekeke but I’m feeling happy too. I saw the chat group and the kids looked really happy too haha. Seriously, thank you thanks Czennie!! Look forward to the rest of 2023!!!!!! ” said Mark. He ended his message with a red heart emoji.

Congratulations NCT Dream on winning the 2023 Seoul Music Awards! Check the full list of winners here .

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