Song Hye Kyo’s Drama ‘The Glory’ Is Said To Show The Sad Reality Of The MZ Generation

The Drama ‘The Glory’ Starring Song Hye Kyo And Lim Ji Yeon Is Considered To Have Shown The Sad Reality Of The MZ Generation. Check Out The Full Explanation Below.

The Netflix series ” The Glory ” has received a lot of praise for raising various current issues. One of them is the heartbreaking reality of the “MZ Generation” or a combination of millennial and Z generations.

This was reflected in the scene in episode 5 when Jeon Jae Joon ( Park Sung Hoon ), Lee Sa Ra ( Kim Hieora ) and Park Yeon Jin ( Lim Ji Yeon ) got together. However, they are engrossed in talking to themselves without listening to what other people are saying.

Park Yeon Jin said, “It’s not money he’s after. I offered money, but he ignored it.” Lee Sa Ra mumbled, “Why is it difficult to contact Myeong O? Did you fire him?”

Park Yeon Jin then asked his two best friends, “Do you remember our school days clearly?” But instead of answering Yeon Jin’s question, Jeon Jae Joon suddenly asked about the situation of his daughter, Ha Ye Sol. “How is Ye Sol? Who is he with?”

Despite Jae Joon’s questions, Yeon Jin continues to reminisce about Moon Dong Eun ( Song Hye Kyo ) with a suspicious expression.

Instead of responding to the others, Lee Sa Ra suddenly talked about herself. “He really didn’t throw bags at you guys? Damn he must have watched a lot of movies. That crazy bitch wants dollars!” he shouted.

Jeon Jae Joon replied, “Ye Sol must have entered elementary school. Where? Semyeong SD?” Park Yeon Jin again commented, “If he wants us to suffer too, what will he do?”

This scene clearly shows the sad reality of the MZ Generation, who are often preoccupied with themselves even when hanging out with their friends. As a result, there were many viewers who felt satirized by that.

“This is really us. I feel insulted haha,” said a netizen. Haha they are really friendly!” said another netizen.

Meanwhile, “The Glory” tells of a woman named Moon Dong Eun whose body and soul were destroyed by violence at school. He plotted revenge against his bullies for a dozen years while risking his entire life.

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