Song Joong Ki Introduces Beautiful Girlfriend To ‘Reborn Rich’ Staff

As Soon As It Was Confirmed, Local Media Leaked Details Regarding Song Joong Ki’s Love Affair With A Non-Celebrity British Woman.

This Monday morning was shocked by the news that Song Joong Ki was dating. Following confirmation of his love life, local media revealed details about the 1985-born actor’s relationship with his lover.

On Monday (26/12), JTBC Entertainment News not only mentioned that Song Joong Ki brought his girlfriend on an overseas schedule, the actor also leaked that he had introduced his girlfriend to the ” Reborn Rich ” staff. Previously, Song Joong Ki’s girlfriend was revealed to be accompanying him at the drama’s press conference in Singapore on December 7.

Song Joong Ki not only introduced his beautiful girlfriend to the staff, but also accompanied him home. Local media said that the whereabouts of Song Joong Ki’s girlfriend can be seen from the videos and photos when he returned to South Korea which was spread on social media.

As is known, Song Joong Ki is dating a non-celebrity woman with British citizenship. Even though they are both busy, they are revealed to be able to understand each other. Ordal industry is said to have known about his love affair.

As soon as reports of Song Joong Ki dating surfaced, the History D&C agency immediately responded. The agency confirmed the actor’s love affair.

“We ask for your understanding regarding the fact that we cannot confirm any information other than the fact that they are dating. And we would be grateful if you refrained from publishing speculative or unconfirmed reports,” said History D&C.

Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki has just finished the drama “Reborn Rich” which aired on JTBC. This drama adaptation of the webtoon always gets a lot of attention from viewers.

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