Song Joong Ki’s Gesture When Walking With A Woman Whose Boyfriend Is Suspected Of Getting The Spotlight

After The Courtship Was Confirmed, Song Joong Ki’s Gesture When Traveling With A Caucasian Woman Who Was Suspected Of Being His Girlfriend Was Highlighted Again. Take A Peek At The Following Snippet Of The Moment.

Song Joong Ki made headlines after confirming his relationship with an English woman. Along with this, the video of him together with a Caucasian woman who is suspected of being his lover is being discussed again.

While in Indonesia, Song Joong Ki was caught walking several times with a white woman. They are said to have attended invitations together and spent time on various occasions.

The woman is also reportedly accompanying Song Joong Ki in the ” Reborn Rich ” promotion schedule in Singapore. They even walked side by side when they arrived at Incheon airport on December 9.

While walking at the airport, the two of them attracted attention for wearing matching colored clothes. They also kept close together and walked hand in hand amidst the guard of security officers.

During this moment, Song Joong Ki greeted the media crew warmly while keeping himself close to the woman. They were also caught several times almost holding hands and chatting intimately until they arrived at the car park.

Even Song Joong Ki seemed to protect the woman herself when she was about to cross. Her stance looks so natural and she’s so open when she does it. This finally became the spotlight of a number of fans who were amazed by his gentle demeanor .

He is very cool,” added another fan. “After seeing this, I think he really loves that woman,” said another.

“The gestures are so natural and cool. They are very suitable and harmonious,” said another fan. “They seem to want to hold hands but cancel it haha. They are very funny,” said other fans and many more.

Meanwhile, this is Song Joong Ki’s first public relationship after divorcing from Song Hye Kyo three years ago. Even though it was rumored to be dating several actresses, Song Joong Ki never confirmed the news.

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