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Best In Dough is a Chopped-style cooking competition where three pizza makers compete in two challenges for the chance to win $10,000. Host Wells Adams is joined by head judge Daniele Uditi, who hails from Italy and is a top pizza chef in Los Angeles, plus Bryan Ford, Millie Peartree, and Eunji Kim, who will rotate through the episodes.
Opening Shot: Host Wells Adams (yes, the dude from The Bachelorette) sits at a table in front of a bunch of pizzas.
The Gist: The winner of the first challenge will get to choose from either a prize or an advantage in the second challenge. For the second challenge, a “Pizza Jury” is assembled that will have one vote, but that vote will have more influence in case there’s a 2-2 tie.
In the first episode, three nonnas — grandmothers, of course! — compete. They hail from different regions of Italy, and two of them make pizza professionally. In the first challenge, the three are asked to make their interpretation of a pizza trend: cone pizza, pizza nachos and pizza cupcakes (the oldest and grumpiest of the nonnas, Lina, refuses to make a pizza cupcake, for understandable reasons). In the main challenge, the women are told to make pizza that best reflects the region they are from.
What Shows Will It Remind You Of? The format of Best In Dough is more or less the format that was popularized by Chopped and copied by countless other cooking competition shows.
Our Take: Best In Dough is pretty much a standard cooking competition, and each episode will really depend on the personalities of the contestants. Adams brings some personality as host, as does Uditi and the rest of the judges, but there’s nothing about them that particularly stands out.
Which is why we appreciated having the nonnas in the first episode. They all were outspoken and funny, and seemed to roll with the pressure of the time limit and cameras pretty well. Lina’s crustiness was especially welcome; she wanted to win, of course, but treated the show as just what it was, which was just another place for her to feed people some great pizza. Her competition was more herself than anything else. “I present the worst thing I’ve done,” she said as she gave the judges her pizza, which didn’t brown on the bottom until she stuck it in the wood-fired oven.
The “pizza jury” is an interesting twist, but the jury itself doesn’t add much as far as commentary to the show. And there’s a bit too much use of the word “dough” as a substitute for any word that ends in an “oh” sound. But Best In Dough is harmless enough, and the results delicious-looking enough to make for an easy watch.
Sex and Skin: Lots of sexy shots of pizza.
Parting Shot: As the winner and the other contestants talk to the judges, Adams previews the next episode, which features three “pizza influencers.”
Sleeper Star: The other judge on the first episode, Bryan Ford, is a “dough expert,” whatever that means. But can he judge cheese, sauce, herbs and toppings, too?
Most Pilot-y Line: The worst of the “dough” puns was, “You have 45 minutes; let’s dough.”
Will you stream or skip the pizza cooking competition show #BestInDough on @hulu? #SIOSI
— Decider (@decider) September 21, 2022

Our Call: STREAM IT. Fun contestants and wonderful-looking pizzas make Best In Dough a very watchable show.
Joel Keller (@joelkeller) writes about food, entertainment, parenting and tech, but he doesn’t kid himself: he’s a TV junkie. His writing has appeared in the New York Times, Slate, Salon,,, Fast Company and elsewhere.
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