Suga BTS And Taeyang BIGBANG Agreed That Jimin Is Scary, Ending Exposure To Each Other

Suga BTS Can’t Stop Talking About Jimin In Front Of BIGBANG’s Taeyang In The Latest ‘SUCHWITA’ Episode. They Both Agreed That Jimin Was Scary.

Suga BTS has brought a special guest in the latest episode of “SUCHWITA” on YouTube BANGTAN TV. That special figure is Taeyang BIG BANG , who recently released the single “VIBE” in collaboration with Jimin BTS .

In the new episode of “SUCHWITA”, Suga heard “VIBE” for the first time and gave his opinion. During Suga and Taeyang’s chat, Jimin’s name was constantly being talked about.

“He worked hard for the recording. He tried hard,” said Suga in the video uploaded on Wednesday (18/1).

“Jimin actually kept re-recording more than 15 times,” Taeyang replied.

Suga then told Taeyang that Jimin didn’t start training as a singer. Originally Jimin was a dancer and just started learning to sing in preparation for debut. Even Taeyang heard that Jimin studied modern dance.

“Yes. He first started singing when we debuted. So he has gone through a lot of things,” explained Suga.

Taeyang, who had worked together, also admitted that Jimin worked hard. For him who always tries hard, Jimin’s work ethic overwhelms Taeyang.

“I noticed he was trying really hard. I’m the type to keep going until I succeed. And Jimin… He worked so hard until he did it right that I couldn’t even follow him,” said Taeyang.

Due to Jimin’s hard work, Suga finds his bandmates scary. In response, Taeyang apparently agreed with Suga’s comments. But their chat ended in exposing each other about Jimin.

“Yeah, that’s what’s scary about Jimin,” said Suga. “Yes,” replied Taeyang.

Furthermore, Suga spilled all over about Jimin as a fan of Taeyang. With Jimin getting a lot of influence from him, Taeyang seems to be learning too.

“But I think for Jimin you’re the one who influenced him the most. That’s what I really believe,” said Suga.

But I also learned a lot from him and he gave me a lot of inspiration,” said Taeyang.

Then Min Hyo Rin ‘s husband added, “He really works very hard and I have fun and have fun when we work together.”

Finally, Suga revealed to Taeyang that Jimin really likes him to the point of imitating his idol’s voice. Indirectly, compliments continued to flow to Jimin.

“He really studied you! I’m not kidding. You’ve never heard of him imitating you, right? He even imitated the way you speak. He really likes you,” explained Suga.

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