Super Rich, Song Joong Ki’s Simple Style At The Airport Wins Attention

Song Joong Ki Again Attracted Attention With His Cool Appearance While Walking At The Airport. Take A Peek At The Snippet Of His Latest Moment In The News Below.

On Monday (9/1), Song Joong Ki arrived at Incheon Airport after a long flight. He just returned to South Korea after completing his schedule at the 2023 Golden Disc Awards which was held in Thailand.

Song Joong Ki walked at the airport with a tired expression. Despite this, he smiled several times and received gifts from fans who were waiting for him to arrive.

In particular, fans’ attention is drawn to the clothes worn by the actor. In this occasion, Song Joong Ki wore casual and basic clothes combined with a gray hat and white shoes.

This is the same outfit the actor wore when he left for Thailand a few days ago. That’s why fans started praising how simple and humble she is.

Song Joong Ki’s modest style at the airport is a stark contrast to the amount of wealth he has. Song Joong Ki himself currently lives in an upscale apartment in Nine One Hannam, Seoul, which is worth 7.27 million USD (around Rp. 113.3 billion).

He also owns other real estate properties in the luxury Eterno Cheongdam complex and a 165 square meter house in Hawaii. The respective prices for these properties are approximately 11.5 million USD (approximately Rp. 179.3 billion) and 20.65 million USD (equivalent to Rp. 322 billion).

In addition, Song Joong Ki is said to have made extraordinary profits after completely overhauling his newlywed house with Song Hye Kyo . He is estimated to have made a profit of nearly double its original price in just six years.

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