Taeyang BIGBANG Had Invited The Wrong Person When Inviting Jimin BTS To Collaborate

Taeyang Started By Explaining How He Offered Jimin A Collaboration. He Accidentally Invited Jimin Who Was Wrong To Dinner To Talk About The Music Collaboration.

Recently, BIG BANG ‘s Taeyang shared the story behind how he came to collaborate with Jimin BTS and also shared a funny incident because of Jimin’s name. Apparently, the 1988-born singer had the wrong person when he invited Jimin to collaborate.

In an interview with Spotify, Taeyang admitted that he accidentally invited Jimin who was mistaken for dinner to talk about the music collaboration. Taeyang started by explaining how he offered Jimin a collaboration.

“So I told Jimin I had a song and asked him if he would like to work with me, and he said he would be happy. So we had a group chat, and I went to a restaurant that day, but the Jimin I met there, was a different Jimin …”

I thought ‘Why is this person here?’ and ‘Everything went wrong.’ But what can I do? We still enjoy dinner together. After that, I met Jimin (BTS) for a meal, and we started making music.”

Fans find Taeyang so adorable that he made this mistake and found this story very funny. “Usually people would find out that they inviting the wrong Jimin before the meeting date but it’s funny how he found out on that day, and in the restaurant, keke.”

Another commented, “I love the look on his face saying ‘Why is this person here?’ keke, I can imagine what he’s like in the restaurant,” “I wonder which Jimin he invited,” “It’s funnier if the wrong Jimin doesn’t realize he wasn’t the one keke,” and “This is so cute and funny.”

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