Taeyang BIGBANG Shows Off Body Goals H-1 ‘VIBE’ Release, Jimin BTS Appearance Questioned

D-1 Before The Release Of ‘VIBE’, BIGBANG’s Taeyang Showed Off His Perfect Physique Through A Dramatic Poster. With Taeyang’s Appearance In Such A Way, Fans Are Curious About Jimin BTS’s Visuals In The MV Later.

The collaboration between Taeyang BIG BANG and Jimin BTS is in sight. D-1 left, the special poster was released and fans’ anticipation for their single “VIBE” has increased.

On Thursday (12/1), Taeyang released a dramatic D-1 poster. A set of posters comes with a black and white arrangement that is aesthetic and pleasing to the eye.

In the poster, Taeyang shows off an incomparable aura that combines calm and strong vibes. The owner of the name Dong Youngbae appeared without a top, showing off his perfect physique. Even through this poster, Taeyang’s secret body goals are questioned by fans.

With Taeyang looking so hot, fans are wondering how Jimin will look. Even though Jimin has been seen wearing a suit without underwear in the MV teaser, that hasn’t shown Jimin’s entire visual.

“Jimin shirtless when!!!!!!!???” said one of the fans. “Will Jiminie pose with the same theme?” said other fans.

“Please share your training routine Taeyang. How is your fat percentage as low as my tolerance for stupid people? It’s perfectly sculpted,” commented a fan. “Congratulations on the new album! Can’t wait to see Jimin’s part tomorrow,” said another.

As is known, the collaboration of Jimin and Taeyang is like a dream. Jimin himself is known to be a fan of Taeyang since his debut. Apart from choosing Taeyang as a respected artist, Jimin has also gone to BIGBANG’s concerts several times to support his idol group.

Meanwhile, “VIBE” sung by Taeyang and Jimin will be released on January 13 at 14:00 KST. This song will be Taeyang’s first single after moving management from YG Entertainment to The Black Label.

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